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  • Bharatnatyam

    Origin Bharatanatyam is one of the oldest (considered to be over 2000 years old) and most popular forms of classical dance that originated in...

    06 Mar 2020 Indian Dance Forms

  • Kathak

    It is one of the classical dances of India. The word Kathak has been derived from the word Katha which means a story. It is primarily performed...

    18 Jan 2020 Indian Dance Forms

  • Odissi Dance

    Odissi dance is one of the classical dances of India. It is indigenous to Orissa, eastern India, and follows the principles of the...

    03 Jan 2020 Indian Dance Forms

  • Padmanur's Yakshagana

    Why in News Recently, the Yakshagana committee hosted the 60th annual Yakshagana in the Padmanur village, Karnataka. The committee is officially...

    03 Jan 2020 Indian Dance Forms

  • Kuchipudi Dance Form

    Kuchipudi is one of the 8 classical dance forms of India. The dance form has emerged from a popular theatrical art ‘Kuchipudi...

    13 Dec 2019 Indian Dance Forms

  • Sattriya Dance

    Why in News Dance historian Dr. Sunil Kothari has recently been bestowed with the Madhabdev Award by the Government of Assam for popularising...

    07 Dec 2019 Indian Dance Forms

  • Assamese Bhaona

    Recently, the Bhaona performers made a foreign debut in Abu Dhabi. The initiative is supported by the Assam’s Department of Culture to...

    30 Oct 2019 Indian Dance Forms

  • Goura Gouri Festival

    Goura - Gauri festival is celebrated in Chhattisgarh. It is celebrated on the day after Diwali. Goura stands for Lord Shiva and Gauri, for...

    30 Oct 2019 Indian Dance Forms

  • Ladakh Festival

    Recently, Minister of State for Culture & Tourism has visited Ladakh Festival which is celebrated every year in Leh and its nearby...

    05 Sep 2019 Indian Dance Forms

  • Sangeet Natak Akademi Awards- 2018

    Recently, the General Council of the Sangeet Natak Akademi has announced its awards in the field of performing arts for the year 2018. The awards...

    17 Jul 2019 Indian Dance Forms

  • Indian Classical Dances

    Excavations, inscriptions, chronicles, genealogies of kings and artists, literary sources, sculpture and painting of different periods provide...

    10 Jul 2019 Indian Dance Forms

  • Ottam Thullal

    Ottam Thullal is a dance-drama performing art form of Kerala, created by Kunchan Nambiar, as an alternative to the Chakyar koothu. Kunchan Nambiar...

    07 Jun 2019 Indian Dance Forms

  • Summer Ragas

    The world still remembers ragas for spring but has forgotten summer ragas. A raga is defined as a collection of musical notes which are arranged in a...

    31 May 2019 Indian Dance Forms

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