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What, Where, When?

How Were Monsters In Literature Born?

01 Dec, 2022

“You see the world in colours, I see in Black and Red.” — Irum Zahra How come black being the darkest colour, can be the...

Personalities We Love

Career and Life of Rishi Sunak

22 Nov, 2022 | Aarifa Nadeem

A few days back, Indian newspapers, magazines, and social media were flooded with the name Rishi Sunak. And why wouldn’t it be so? For he...

The Universe & Our Environment

Changing Weather Patterns In India

12 Nov, 2022 | Aarifa Nadeem

From extreme heat waves in Japan to devastating floods in Pakistan, the environmental challenges of today's globalised world frequently include...

What, Where, When?

Chhath: The Purvanchali Maha Parv

03 Nov, 2022 | Harshita Rai

A few days ago, one of the most significant festival of Chhath was celebrated with much pomp and enthusiasm in North and North-eastern Indian States...

Motivating The Self

Still Fresh and Growing: Drishti@23

01 Nov, 2022

“Education need not only be a tool for survival but for enhancing perception. The children must blossom and flower into great human...

Philosophy & Civilisation

Albert Camus And His Theory Of Absurdism

29 Oct, 2022

What is the purpose of human existence? What is the meaning of life? Why does suffering exist? Why does death exist? These fundamental questions have...

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