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Law & Society


25 Sep, 2023 | Annie Pruthi

The annual celebration of the International Day of Peace on September 21 serves as a potent reminder of humanity's shared desire for a future devoid...

The Universe & Our Environment

Bamboo and Sustainable Development

19 Sep, 2023 | Aarifa Nadeem

Bamboo has the unique ability to withstand harsh conditions that are typically intolerable for most other plants. In fact, it holds the distinction...

From The Arts

Hindi and Global Diplomacy

14 Sep, 2023 | Poonam Sharma

When we talk about the intricate world of international relations, language serves as a vital tool for communication, understanding, and cooperation...

Motivating The Self

Nutrition-Related Health Concerns

09 Sep, 2023 | Mohd Burhan

In a world where information flows like a river, one topic remains a constant and universal concern: nutrition. The significance of nutrition in...

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