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Dear Aspirants,

The UPSC CSE Prelims Exam 2024 is swiftly approaching, and Drishti IAS is here to assist you crack the exam. We're excited to announce PT Sprint 2024, a comprehensive program designed to supercharge your last-minute preparation.

PT Sprint 2024 is based on the latest trend of the questions being asked nowadays and Previous Year's Questions.

It offers mock exams tailored for Prelims 2024, along with subject-wise current affairs handouts for rapid revision, and you'll also get a bank of current affairs MCQs with detailed explanations, making revision interactive and effective.

We understand the significance of your upcoming exam. Our goal is to equip you with the resources and confidence you need to succeed. Join our programme and let's turn your Civil Services dream into reality!

What is PT- SPRINT 2024?

PT SPRINT 2024 offers an efficient solution for the thorough examination of crucial topics pertinent to the Civil Services examination. It features a meticulously curated assortment of current affairs, with relevant background information, and offers valuable insights into diverse subjects linked with the presented news.

PT SPRINT is a continuation of Drishti IAS' Integrated Guidance Programme for Prelims and Mains-2024, namely Sambhav-2024. This initiative is structured into two segments:

  • POWER (Prelims Optimized with Effective Resources): Current Affairs consolidation and MCQs derived from them (March 2023 - March 2024)
  • Path to Prelims - 2024: Practice tests for Prelims - 2024

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What are the Special Features of POWER?

  • POWER (Prelims Optimized with Effective Resources) offers a comprehensive coverage of Current Affairs intertwined with static topics from the UPSC syllabus. Presented in a concise point-wise format, it enhances readability and facilitates efficient studying.
    • Its thorough coverage of news and associated segments simplifies difficult current affairs topics, eliminating the necessity to refer to multiple sources.
    • The resource is completely free, and because it is in PDF format, it can be accessed easily from any location and at any time.
  • The current affairs are categorized into several segments, which are available for download from the links provided below:

  • Art & Culture History Polity & Governance
    Geography Agriculture & Allied Sector International Relations
    Defence and Security Science & Tech. Social Issues
    Environment & Ecology Economy

  • Additionally, POWER also includes MCQs based on year-long current affairs with detailed explanations, which are also available to download:

  • Subjects MCQs
    Agriculture Download
    Ancient History & Culture Download
    Defence & Security Download
    Economy Download
    Polity Download
    International Relations Download
    Environment & Biodiversity Download
    Modern History Download
    Science & Technology Download
    Geography Download
    Government Initiatives Download
    Governance & Social Justice Download
    Miscellaneous Download

What are the Special Features of Path to Prelims?

  • The programme has been designed to help aspirants cover a maximum number of topics at a sprinting speed.
  • The programme offers 5 sectional and 2 full length GS mock tests along with 3 CSAT mini mocks and 2 full length tests (both GS and CSAT).
    • The Students will have the opportunity to experience real-time examination conditions right before the Prelims examination.
  • The Questions have been meticulously curated by the experts after analyzing the trends of the questions being asked by the UPSC.
    • Moreover, the program also emphasizes the significance of the CSAT paper.

Note: The General Studies mocks will be published on our website at 9:30 AM every Sunday, while the CSAT mocks will start at 2:30 PM as per the schedule.

Why are Current Affairs and Previous Year Questions Important for Civil Services?

Current affairs and previous year questions are both crucial for success in the Civil Services Exam (CSE) for a few reasons:

Current Affairs:

  • Exam Relevancy: The UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) emphasizes a well-rounded understanding of day-to-day affairs. Current affairs knowledge demonstrates your awareness of critical issues and your ability to think critically about them.
  • Weighting: Current affairs are tested throughout the CSE. They are directly tested in the General Studies papers of both the Prelims and Mains stages and indirectly influence other areas like the Essay and Interview.

Previous Year Questions:

  • Understanding Exam Pattern: Analyzing past papers familiarizes you with the question format, difficulty level, and recurring themes, enabling you to tailor your studies accordingly.
  • Strategic Preparation: By identifying frequently tested topics, you can prioritize your studies and focus on areas that hold more weightage.
  • Self-Assessment: Solving past papers exposes your strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to target areas needing improvement.

In essence, current affairs equip you with relevant knowledge, while previous year questions help you understand how to best apply that knowledge within the specific context of the UPSC exam.

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