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Personalities We Love

Gandhi's Mentor: Gopal Krishna Gokhale

29 Sep, 2022

The Indian struggle for freedom and independence brings to mind countless sacrifices of many souls, but one name never fails to revisit our mind and...

Personalities We Love

People Who Influenced Gandhi

26 Sep, 2022

 "Be the change you wish to see in the world."  This is the famous saying of the “Father of the Nation” and the foremost...

From The World Of Science & Tech

Top 5 Engineers Of India

15 Sep, 2022

Introduction Humanity has survived through many ages and various natural calamities and built a life for themselves on different terrains. It is a...

What, Where, When?

The Future Of Sports In India

12 Sep, 2022

 Sport is friendship, Sport is health, Sport is education, Sport is life, and Sports bring the world together.  — Juan Antonio...

Psychology & The Individual

Why Do People End Their Lives?

10 Sep, 2022

My best friend Amy* and I studied in the same school. She was in 10th, and I was in 11th grade. We would meet almost every day at school during free...

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