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UPSC (Civil Services Exam)

Be Mains Ready

Join our daily Mains program and Be Mains Ready

Starting from 10th June 2019

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We have devised this program keeping two factors in mind

  • For those who have not joined our Mains Test Series this program is going to be the next best thing. Following the program is going to help you cover the most important areas of the syllabus meticulously and within a predetermined time-frame. So, if you do not wish to join a mains test series, join Be Mains Ready and start preparing for Mains immediately.
  • For those who have joined our Mains Test Series, this program is going to help in preparing for each and every one of the scheduled tests.
Program Details:

The Be Mains Ready program has been duly synced with our Mains Test Series. Our Test Series is starting from 15th June 2019 in both online and offline modes. You can join it by clicking this link here

Mains Test Series 2019

  • Be Mains Ready will provide you with 3 practice questions every day.
  • These questions will build up to the forthcoming Mains Test Series exam as per schedule. If you have not subscribed to the test series, you can still practice writing answers for these questions and cover the selected syllabus in time.
  • In this program, the Questions will be posted in the morning, and in the evening (between 5 to 7.30 pm) we will be providing the Approach and important Fodder Points to these questions.
  • We are doing this to provide you with a kind of flexibility (and creativity) to writing your answers in the way you want, while ensuring that you make use of the fodder points to enrich your answers with as many dimensions, examples, key facts as relevant to the given question.
  • In this program, Sundays have been scheduled for Essay - which we believe is a comparatively easy area to score marks with sufficient practice, and hence should not be discounted at any cost. [Please note that we will not be providing fodder for essays but we will help you with your doubts & queries via the comments section]

Web Only Module:

  • We will continue providing you with 3 questions even during the weeks when there is no Mains Test Series exam scheduled. We are calling it Web Only Module. We are doing this to ensure your continuous answer writing practice and also to help you exhaustively revise the syllabus.


  • We have also included Revision days in the schedule for you to have time to pause, revise and consolidate your preparation which is as important as practising answer writing everyday.
  • Please note that in the last 4 days of the concluding week, there will be 5 practice questions dedicated to one paper of general studies each. [We will not be providing fodder to these questions because we will already have shared fodder for these questions in earlier days].

Important: The questions discussed in Be Mains Ready program will be different from the Mains Test Series program, though similar topics will be covered in both.

Be Mains Ready, 2019

Mains Test Series Program, 2019

  • A free program for everyone to help with Mains 2019 preparation.
  • Be Mains Ready will cover the syllabus through a guided approach and with everyday answer writing practice.
  • The program will place aspirants in a competitively advantageous position if combined with the Mains Test Series Program.
  • Through daily practice, the program will also be helpful to aspirants who have not joined any test series, as they will get an opportunity to tackle complex questions asked by the UPSC.
  • A paid program to cover the entire syllabus before Mains 2019.
  • A fully devoted team to support any Mains related queries.
  • Test yourself comprehensively in an exam simulated environment with time limits and UPSC pattern question papers and answer sheets.
  • Detailed evaluation from our Mains experts with dedicated Mentoring.
  • App-based video discussions for all tests.
  • Peer evaluation only
  • Peer feedback only
  • Key-points and approach for answers is only provided
  • Detailed coverage of syllabus
  • Completely free of costs
  • Intensive answer writing - Classroom, Online, and Postal courses
  • Evaluation by experts
  • Feedback & Full Solutions by experts
  • App based discussions
  • Full coverage of syllabus
  • Dedicated mentorship for individual attention
  • Special discounts for Drishti Students
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