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Dear Aspirants,

The importance of the Preliminary stage in Civil Service Examination (CSE) cannot be exaggerated. Moreover, for the past few years clearing this very first stage has become trickier, if not difficult. As with any challenge in life, CSE too keeps on evolving itself. To surpass this, one needs to be flexible enough to respond to the changes, which are so dynamic and ever evolving.

In this context, we have devised a program which would help you understand this dynamism and keep up with it. After thorough analysis of previous year papers, its nature and the way it keeps on mutating itself, we at DrishtiIAS have curated this program, along with our Test Series in such a way that you will sail smoothly to second stage of the examination, i.e. Mains.

P.S.: More than 30% of questions came from our test series in UPSC-CSE 2021

The Path to Prelims- 2022 comprises two parts, viz. Part-I and Part II. Part I will run for approximately 60 days, wherein we will publish 20 MCQs in quiz format every day. These small incremental steps will nudge your brain for leapfrogging at the later stage of our program.

Part II will start as soon as we have covered the entire syllabus through the marathon stage, i.e. Part I. Now, you are mentally prepared to take the sprint. Yes, in this stage you will attempt full length tests every week till the run-up to prelims.

Features of Program

  • Rigorous Revision: Path to Prelims will commence on 10th of January 2022 and culminate on 15th May 2022, i.e. an exercise of more than 70 days covering the entire syllabus not only once, but THRICE!!
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Each day of the MCQs will consist of a fine blend of both static topics and current affairs. The topics for the MCQs are picked from a variety of sources like Magazines(Yojna, Kurukshetra, Down to Earth, Science Reporter etc), India Year Book to make your preparation exhaustive.
  • Astute Analysis: Based on previous year’s Prelims questions, we have carefully selected static questions to cover not only probable questions, but also basic questions that will help build a strong foundation.
  • All India Ranking: The rankings for the mock tests will be provided just after the test is submitted by the aspirants. To know your rank, aspirants will need to create a free login in the Drishti IAS website.
  • Full Length Mock Tests: At the end of the program, there will be three GS-1 and one CSAT mock tests based on the recent UPSC Pattern.
  • Support & Counselling: Last but most importantly, we are also going to provide academic counselling and support to aspirants who sign up for this program via the comments section or via email & Social Media. One may ask any number of doubts, and we will do our best to address these within a reasonable time.

Recommended Study Material Guide

  • NCERT books are the foundation of Prelims preparation. These are easily available on our website.
    • The NCERT books should be your first line of reference and should be consulted whenever you come across difficult questions.
  • The book list for reference that we are providing has been meticulously selected. We do not want to overburden you with unnecessary books, and therefore the list is short (refer schedule).
  • All the books mentioned in the reference list need not be read cover to cover - unless you already have - and can be kept solely for review and reference purposes.
    • The exceptions to the above recommendation are - Indian Polity by Laxmikanth & Spectrum Brief History of Modern India - revising these books thoroughly can prove to be greatly beneficial for the Prelims.
  • Wherever we are asking you to refer to websites for further reading, be assured that the content on these websites (including ours) is trustworthy and of high quality.

With Best Wishes

Team Drishti

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