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Sambhav – 2023 (Clear Prelims Conquer Mains)

Dear Aspirants,

Prelims and Mains examination are two wheels of the UPSC bicycle, although both have independent weightage and importance, but the one who learns the art of syncing both of them together, is the one who wins the race.

Therefore, it is important to prepare for both stages together in an integrated manner with holistic and dynamic coverage of important areas.

Following the legacy of providing you with continuous support and guidance for UPSC Civil Services Examination, Team Drishti is back again to help you conquer UPSC 2023.

After the successful result of Path to Prelims 2022 & Mains Marathon 2022 and repeated demands from students, we’ve brought an Integrated Guidance Program for Prelims and Mains: “Sambhav - 2023”.

In Sambhav - 2023, we have focused on to begin with developing the fundamental knowledge of the students and then gradually moving towards advanced sections of the program. With the arrival of the Prelims Exam in May 2023, the focus would mainly be shifted towards Prelims preparation through Daily MCQs Practice based on thorough analysis of previous year papers, year-long current affairs and the static portion of the syllabus.

After conquering the initial stage, the preparation for Mains 2023 would begin with detailed analysis of the most important topics that were in discussion in and around the world in the last two years. The topics and questions will be chosen after a thorough analysis of the previous year's question papers and on the recommendation of our experts and faculty.

Features of the Sambhav - 2023:

1. What is Sambhav Program?
  • This is a year-long Integrated Prelims-cum-Mains Program designed to holistically cover the syllabus of the UPSC CSE.
  • It comprehensively covers both static and current affairs and provides targeted guidance for the UPSC CSE 2023.
  • The program is scheduled for 6 days a week and Sunday is designated as revision day.
2. What are the components of this program?
  • It covers both Prelims and Mains Program components of the UPSC 2023 exam.
  • The first few months will be dedicated for building a comprehensive foundation for both Prelims and Mains. It will comprise:
    • 2 Daily Mains Practice questions based on the static syllabus (subject wise) as per Schedule.
    • 10 Daily Prelims Practice Questions (5 based on the static syllabus and 5 based on the Current Affairs as per Schedule)
    • About two and half months before UPSC Prelims 2023, the program will solely be dedicated to the prelims through our prelims special programs like that of our earlier programs Path to Prelims/ 60 Steps to Prelims.
    • Post prelims, we will start dedicated program for mains like that of Mains Marathon/ BMR based on the analysis of the contemporary topics, UPSC PYQ, current affairs and important topics from the statics.

3. What would be the timeline of this program?

4. What will be the charges for Sambhav - 2023?

  • This Program (Sambhav - 2023) will be free of cost. Your consistency and hard work are the fee for this program. The benefits from this program are directly proportional to your dedication towards mains answer writing and practicing MCQs.

5. What is the process of evaluation of mains answers?

  • As the Program also includes mains answer writing component, aspirants need to write the answer to the mains question on the same day in order to get it evaluated. Drishti IAS t eam will evaluate the answers of the candidates on daily basis.
  • Further, the candidates are also advised and encouraged to engage in “peer review”. This will not only provide a better and multi-dimensional insight but also enhance critical thinking and articulation skills.
  • The model answer for every Mains question will be provided on the next day. The model answer will include fodder and approach to respective answer.

6. Will there be any analysis of Prelims Test by Team Drishti?

  • The score of MCQ quiz and the rank will be reflected on the website on the real time basis, after completion of each and every quiz. The proper explanation of each question will also be provided by the Drishti IAS.
  • Candidates are advised to jot down the important points and facts of the explanations which are new to the candidates.

7. Will Team Drishti evaluate Daily Mains Practice Questions?

  • Yes. The team of the Drishti IAS will evaluate your Daily Mains Answers on daily basis.

8. Who are eligible to join this program?

  • There is no bar on eligibility. Anyone, who wants to give an edge to their preparation can join this program.

9. How would Current Affairs be covered in the program?

  • Sambhav – 2023 is intended to cover current affairs of ‘one and half years’ just before prelims i.e., from January 2022 to May 2023.

10. What would be the deadline to submit daily mains answers?

  • Candidates are advised to submit their mains answer on the same day (the day on which questions are uploaded on the website ) to get it evaluated by the Drishti IAS team.

11. Will be there any beginner’s guide for someone who hasn't written any answers till now?

  • Candidates need to maintain a separate notebook for each of the General Studies (GS) paper for Daily mains answer writing.
  • It will provide aspirants a comprehensive coverage of the each and every topic of all GS papers.
  • A paper wise notebook of answer writing will help candidates to revise each paper in less time and by covering most of the contemporary issue.
  • Candidates are also advised to jot down the important examples, key terms, facts, and case studies used by your peers or provided in the model answer. It will help you to enrich the content that will help candidate to write a qualitative answer in Mains UPSC 2023.

12. Will the top scorers be recognized?

  • Although marks will not be awarded for the mains answers after evaluation, we will pin the good answer of the candidate on our website.

13. How can we sync this program with candidates’ self-study schedule?

  • Program has pre-defined schedule. So, candidates need to plan his/her studies as per the schedule of the program.

14. Can we write answers weekly instead of daily?

  • Practice turns a fool into a wise as the running rope makes its mark on a stone tablet. So, candidates are advised to write answers and practice MCQs on the daily basis.

15. Which booklist is required to be followed for this program?

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