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Sambhav – 2024 (Clear Prelims Conquer Mains)

Dear Aspirants,

Embarking on the UPSC journey is akin to balancing both Prelims and Mains Exam. To win the race, one must master the art of harmonizing both, as they are two of the three important pillars (Prelims, Mains and Interview) supporting your dream. It is like playing a chess game, where you need to plan your moves carefully and strategically.

In the UPSC preparation, Team Drishti is like a guiding light that never fades. Following the success of Sambhav 2023, and motivated by our dedicated students, we present to you the Integrated Guidance Program for Prelims and Mains: Sambhav - 2024.

Features of the Sambhav - 2024:

🚀 What is the Sambhav 2024 Program?
  • This program is like a year-long journey that combines both Prelims and Mains preparation for the UPSC Exam. It covers all the topics you need to know and acts as a guiding light to help you succeed in the UPSC CSE 2024.
  • The program is scheduled for 6 days a week and Sunday is designated as revision day.
📚 What does the Program Include?
  • The initial phase focuses on solidifying your foundation for both Prelims and Mains, featuring Multiple Choice Questions and Mains Practice questions daily.
  • As UPSC Prelims 2024 approaches, we'll shift our focus to a dedicated Prelims program, akin to our successful Sambhav 2023 programme.
  • Once the Prelims is over, emphasis of the programme shifts to Mains 2024, delving into the pivotal topics that have been central to global conversations over the past two years.
  • Components of the Journey:Sambhav doesn't just prepare you for Prelims and Mains – it's a harmonious blend of both. Each day builds the foundation for prelims and mains simultaneously. It will comprise:
    • 2 Daily Mains Practice questions to solidify your static syllabus knowledge.
    • 10 Daily Prelims Practice Questions – a blend of static and current affairs, developing you into a formidable contender.
    • About two and half months before UPSC Prelims 2024, we will concentrate more on preparing for the Prelims exam through our prelims special programs, just like the last powerful push in a long race.
    • After the Prelims Exam, we will switch on the Mains Exam mode, where we focus on contemporary topics, UPSC Past year Questions, current affairs and important topics from the statics syllabus.

⏰ When Does it Start?

  • Timeline of Triumph:Our journey kicks off on November 20, 2023. Every day, you will learn new things that will help you succeed.

💰 What's the Cost?

  • This Program (Sambhav - 2024) is free of cost, made possible only by your unwavering dedication and hard work. The more you invest, the greater the rewards in Mains answer writing and MCQ practice.
  • Remember, "Consistency and hard work are the fees that you are going to pay for this program." Your dedication is the currency that unlocks the treasures of Sambhav.

📝 How are Mains Answers Evaluated?

  • Your responses are not just words, but careful steps towards achieving your success. Drishti IAS is your partner in this, providing daily evaluation. Additionally, candidates are urged to participate in "peer review," as it not only offers a more comprehensive perspective but also improves critical thinking and communication abilities.
    • For every mains question, you'll receive a model answer, a blueprint for crafting your own masterpiece.

🔍 Will Prelims Tests be Analyzed?

  • Absolutely! Your MCQ quiz scores and ranks will be updated in real time, along with comprehensive explanations by Drishti IAS.

🌐 Who Can Join?

  • Anyone who wants to improve their preparation can join, and there are no restrictions on who can participate.

🗞️ How is Current Affairs Covered?

  • Sambhav - 2024 intends to cover Current Affairs of ‘more then One year’, covering events from January 2023 to February 2024. It helps you stay updated with the most important things that happened during that time.

🚀 Ready to Elevate Your Preparation?

  • Join us on this dynamic journey! Commit to daily practice, for as the saying goes, "Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect!"
  • Notes to the Wise: Your notebook is your fortress. Maintain separate ones for each General Studies paper for daily mains answer writing. This fortress will serve as your springboard to success, covering every topic comprehensively.
  • Recognition of Excellence: Though marks won't be awarded, excellence won't go unnoticed. We'll display exemplary answers on our website, a testament to your dedication.
  • Syncing with Self-Study: The program has a predefined schedule. So, candidates need to plan his/her studies as per the schedule of the program.
  • As you dive into Sambhav - 2024, remember, "The running rope makes its mark on a stone tablet." Each day of practice is a step closer to your goal.

📚 What would be the deadline to submit daily mains answers?

  • Candidates are advised to submit their Mains answers on the same day (the day on which questions are uploaded on the website ) to get them evaluated by the Drishti IAS team.

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