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Mains Marathon 2023

Dear Aspirants,

At Drishti IAS, our aim is to provide you with the best and most convenient resources for your Civil Services exam preparation. As the UPSC CSE Main 2023 Exam is coming soon, we are excited to introduce our new programme, Mains Marathon 2023.

'Mains Marathon 2023' is a comprehensive program meticulously created to enhance your Mains exam preparation. We understand the significance of your upcoming exam and are committed to providing you with the tools and support you need to excel.

Come aboard as you embark on your Civil Services journey and allow us to empower you in reaching your goals.

What is the Mains Marathon Program?

It is a continuation of Drishti IAS’s Integrated Guidance Programme for Prelims and Mains- 2023 i.e., Sambhav-2023. It is divided into two parts:

  1. Subject wise Mains Q&A compilations: It encompasses the latest developments in various segments of the syllabus and are highly probable topics in accordance with the syllabus and latest UPSC CSE (Mains) Examination trend.
  2. Daily Answer Writing Practice: It offers an extensive collection of practice questions to help you enhance your answer writing skills.
    • Four Mains oriented questions will be provided on daily basis along with the comprehensive reference material outlining suggested approaches for attempting those questions will be promptly provided the following day.

What are the Key Features of Mains Marathon 2023?

  • Enhance your Mains Preparation through Practice, Feedback, and Improvement: This entails daily practice of answer writing, with experts providing valuable feedback. You can upload your answers on our website's comment section for evaluation. We will offer constructive feedback to help improve your answer writing skills.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Mains questions and answers encompassing both static and current affairs from the previous year.

In order to inspire you, motivate you towards success, we are attaching a few answer copies from our Test Series and Mentorship Program - we hope you will find these copies interesting.

Why Should You Be a Part of the Mains Marathon?

  • The programme is completely free of cost, offering convenient access from any location and at any time.
  • Thoroughly studying all the topics will enable you to develop a broader and well-rounded perspective on crucial issues - a significant prerequisite for writing answers in the UPSC CSE Mains.
  • Our team of experts will provide regular feedback on your answers.
  • Even if you are not appearing for the Mains exam this year, you will still be well-prepared for next year's exam. Furthermore, the static portions of the exam are timeless and remain relevant indefinitely.

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