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G20 Digital Economy Ministers Meeting

  • 23 Jul 2020
  • 3 min read

Why in News

Recently, a virtual meeting of G20 Digital Economy Ministers was hosted by Saudi Arabia in which Indian Union Minister for Electronics and Information Technology represented India.

Key Points

  • Few major initiatives taken by India to tackle Covid-19 were highlighted:
    • Early lockdowns which helped in curbing the spread of the virus as well as preparing for the upcoming challenges effectively.
    • Digital innovations for managing Covid-19:
    • Digital innovations for helping people in general:
  • India Emphasised Upon:
  • India’s Step for Data Protection:
    • India is soon going to put in place a robust personal data protection law (Personal Data Protection Bill 2019) which will not only address the data privacy-related concerns of citizens but also ensure availability of data for innovation and economic development.

Way Forward

  • The digital economy must go hand in hand with the data economy because data is an important component to accelerate the digital economy.
  • There is a need to acknowledge who has sovereignty over data. Data must belong to the sovereign nation concerned, to protect the privacy of its people, to protect digital concerns for its people.
  • Digital platforms having a presence in many countries must become trustworthy, safe and secure.
  • Digital platforms anywhere in the world should be responsive and accountable towards the sovereign concerns of countries including defence, privacy and security of citizens.

Source: PIB

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