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  • The Big Picture: India's Vision for Indo- Pacific

    Why in News? The Russian Foreign Minister has described New Delhi as an "object" of the West's "persistent, aggressive, and devious" policy...

    22 Dec 2020 Global Groupings

  • Global Conference on Criminal Finances and Cryptocurrencies

    Why in News Recently, the 4th Global Conference on Criminal Finances and Cryptocurrencies was held virtually. Key Points The Conference was...

    23 Nov 2020 Global Groupings

  • RCEP & India

    This article is based on “Threat or treat: on RCEP trade deal” which was published in The Hindu on 17/11/2020. It talks about the...

    17 Nov 2020 Global Groupings

  • India-Italy Bilateral Summit

    Why in News Recently, a virtual Bilateral Summit between India and Italy has been held to comprehensively review the broad framework of the...

    07 Nov 2020 Global Groupings

  • India’s Annual Resolution on Counter-Terror

    Why in News Recently, India’s annual resolution on the issue of counter-terrorism was adopted by consensus in the First Committee of the...

    06 Nov 2020 Global Groupings

  • Second Meeting of India-Central Asia Dialogue

    Why in News Recently, India virtually hosted the second meeting of the India-Central Asia Dialogue. The first meeting of the dialogue was held in...

    29 Oct 2020 Global Groupings

  • India-Mexico

    Why in News Recently, the 5th meeting of the India-Mexico Bilateral High-Level Group (BHLG) on Trade, Investment and Cooperation has been held...

    14 Oct 2020 Global Groupings

  • G4 Foreign Ministers Meeting

    Why in News Recently, Foreign Ministers from the Group of 4 (G4), consisting of India, Brazil, Japan and Germany, participated in a virtual...

    24 Sep 2020 Global Groupings

  • Initiatives Launched on G20 EMM

    Why in News Recently, the G20 Environment Ministers Meeting (EMM) has taken place under the Presidency of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Global...

    17 Sep 2020 Global Groupings

  • UK Internal Market Bill, 2020

    Why in News The new UK Internal Market Bill has run into controversy over its impact on talks with the European Union (EU) and on international...

    10 Sep 2020 Global Groupings

  • USA Opposes Cuba in UNHRC

    Why in News The United States of America has urged United Nations members not to support Cuba’s bid to join the United Nations Human Rights...

    07 Aug 2020 Global Groupings

  • G20 Digital Economy Ministers Meeting

    Why in News Recently, a virtual meeting of G20 Digital Economy Ministers was hosted by Saudi Arabia in which Indian Union Minister for Electronics...

    23 Jul 2020 Global Groupings

  • Day 3

    UNFCCC COPs In the light of rapid climate change and efforts to mitigate the change, the climate conventions such as UNFCCC remain a very important...

    22 Jul 2020 Global Groupings

  • India Global Week 2020: India Inc.

    Why in News Recently, the Prime Minister of India has addressed the inaugural session of a three-day virtual conference of India Global Week 2020...

    10 Jul 2020 Global Groupings

  • Virtual Climate Action Ministerial

    Why in News Recently, the 4th edition of the virtual Ministerial on Climate Action was organised to advance discussions on implementation of the...

    08 Jul 2020 Global Groupings

  • China to Join UN Arms Trade Treaty

    Why in News Recently, China has decided to join the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty (UN-ATT) to regulate its arms sales. Key Points China held...

    23 Jun 2020 Global Groupings

  • Russia-India-China Grouping: RIC

    Why in News Recently, the Ministry of External Affairs has announced that it will participate in the virtual meeting of the Russia-India-China (RIC)...

    19 Jun 2020 Global Groupings

  • AIIB Loan for India

    Why in News Recently, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) has approved a $750 million loan to India to strengthen the country’s...

    18 Jun 2020 Global Groupings

  • e-Diplomacy

    Why in News Recently, the first India-Australia Virtual Leaders’ Summit was held where important strategic decisions, ranging from military...

    09 Jun 2020 Global Groupings

  • India’s Campaign Brochure for UNSC Seat

    Why in News Recently, India has released a campaign brochure ahead of the vote for the non-permanent member of the United Nations Security Council...

    06 Jun 2020 Global Groupings

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