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  • G20 Ministerial Meeting

    The G20 trade ministerial summit on Trade and Digital Economy was concluded on 9th June at Tsukuba, near Tokyo in Japan. The meeting focused on...

    10 Jun 2019 Global Groupings

  • Global Trade War: The Apology of Protectionism

    This editorial is based on the article "Seven likely outcomes of the US-China trade war" which appeared in "Livemint" on 16th May, 2019. The article...

    16 May 2019 Global Groupings

  • Masood Azhar Listed as a Global Terrorist

    Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) chief Masood Azhar was listed as a designated global terrorist by the UN Security Council 1267 Committee on 2nd May ’19....

    02 May 2019 Global Groupings

  • An Opening in Abu Dhabi

    (The editorial is based on the article “An opening in Abu Dhabi” which appeared in the Indian Express for 1st March 2019. In this...

    01 Mar 2019 Global Groupings

  • India-Asean Expo and Summit

    Recently the Minister of Commerce & Industry inaugurated the 4th India-ASEAN Expo and Summit 2019 in New Delhi. It is organised by the...

    22 Feb 2019 Global Groupings

  • India Central Asia Relations

    Why in News? Recently India’s External Affairs Minister (EAM) participated in first India-Central Asia Dialogue in Samarkand, Republic of...

    11 Feb 2019 Global Groupings

  • India Central Asia Relations


    11 Feb 2019 Global Groupings

  • UNCTAD Report on Trade Wars

    Recently the UN body has released a report on trade wars titled "Trade Wars: The Pain and the Gain". This dispute between China and the United...

    06 Feb 2019 Global Groupings

  • Stormy Weather Awaits India in 2019

    (The editorial is based on the article “Stormy weather awaits India in 2019” which appeared in The Hindu for 31st January 2019. In this...

    02 Feb 2019 Global Groupings

  • E-comm Talks: India Must Stand Firm

    (The editorial is based on the article “E-comm talks: India must stand firm” which appeared in Businessline for 26th January 2019. In...

    30 Jan 2019 Global Groupings

  • G20

    Why in News?  Meeting of the Leaders’ of the G-20 Nations, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. What is G20? The G20 is an informal group...

    15 Jan 2019 Global Groupings

  • Seabed 2030: Mapping of Seafloor

    The U.N.-backed project, called Seabed 2030, is working to pool data to create a map of the entire ocean floor by 2030. The map will be freely...

    07 Dec 2018 Global Groupings

  • Brexit Deal: What Lies Ahead?

    After months of negotiation, the United Kingdom(UK) and European Union(EU) have come up with a draft withdrawal agreement. To buy more time, both...

    27 Nov 2018 Global Groupings

  • World’s First Online Climate Summit

    World leaders are set to participate in an innovative climate change summit that will take place entirely online which makes it a carbon neutral...

    22 Nov 2018 Global Groupings

  • 'Future of Jobs' Report by WEF

    The World Economic Forum (WEF) in its report 'Future of Jobs' found that machines are increasingly replacing jobs done by people. It projected that...

    18 Sep 2018 Global Groupings

  • India’s Bid for NSG Membership


    11 Sep 2018 Global Groupings

  • India and the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation

    The editorial analyses SCO's significance for India. Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) The SCO was formed in 2001, with the intent of...

    03 Sep 2018 Global Groupings

  • Pieces of the Asian Dream

    The article appears in The Hindu, of 29th August 2018. It engages with India’s relation with the South-East Asian countries and analyses its...

    29 Aug 2018 Global Groupings

  • A Note on Free Trade Agreements and Their Costs

    What are FTAs (Free Trade Agreements)? FTAs are arrangements between two or more countries or trading blocs that primarily agree to reduce or...

    29 Jun 2018 Global Groupings

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