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  • Q. What do you understand by DeepFake? Discuss the challenges posed by DeepFake. (150 words)

    18 Mar, 2020 GS Paper 3 Science & Technology


    • Explain how the deepfake works.
    • Highlight some challenges posed by deepfake technology.
    • In conclusion highlight some measures to overcome these challenges


    DeepFake is a synthetic media in which a person in an existing video/image is replaced with someone else. It uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to manipulate the audio/video that has a tendency to deceive. It has gained attention due to fake news, celebrity pronographic materials etc. that is easily circulated online.


    Challenges posed by DeepFake

    • Compromises individual’s identity and reputation: Wrong action videos/audio can mislead anyone into believing that action is done by someone who has actually not done it. For example, pornography.
    • Misrepresentation of Information and Personalities: Especially in politics that could lead to social engineering.
      • For example candidates in elections showcasing that they know more than one language while communicating through social media.
    • Risk of Financial frauds: It could also lead to financial frauds thereby creating challenges to the overall financial system.
    • Cybercrime: It also presents a threat to secure cyber systems and veracity of online content in the times when the menace of fake news and ill use of social media is rampant.


    It’s important that credibility of the online content remains intact so that above-mentioned challenges do not compromise their integrity. Hence measures like detection of the source of media using blockchain, better monitoring and reporting mechanism for online content backed by robust laws like Deepfakes Accountability Act of USA and vigilante administration like that of Chinese in cyberspace is utmost important.

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