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  • Q. The moral compass of the society that is essential to enhance common good and well being of all has been losing relevance. Critically examine. (250 words)

    12 Mar, 2020 GS Paper 4 Theoretical Questions


    • Briefly state what constitute the moral values of society.
    • Highlight the common good and well-being that can be accrued from such values.
    • Highlight degeneration of common good by not following social moral values.
    • Conclude by suggesting some measures to correct it.


    Unity in diversity, empathy towards depressed and downtrodden, inclusivity, plurality, dedication to duty, honesty, tolerance, non-violence etc are some of the moral values that reflect moral compass of society. These have persisted over civilizations contributing towards the common good and well being of all.


    While the change in civilisations and evolution of societies experienced disruption in the social harmony in different time periods, they also contributed to the strengthening of social harmony. While the moral compass of society has evolved with the changing societies, in essence, it has attempted to enhance the well being of all.

    Such a moral compass of society might seem to be losing relevance in a modern market-based economy where self-interest is overshadowing common good. The challenges of climate change, pollution, environmental and ecological degradation are results of overexploitation and disregard to nature’s assets and other communities’ vulnerabilities. Rising inequality- income, gender, social groupings resulting in conflicts and violent ramifications in society point towards the increasing greed and materialistic approach prevalent in society. Use of technology for vested interest rather than utilitarian purposes like fake news using social media, cyber thefts, evergreening profits and maintaining monopoly by creating nexus with those in power do highlight the erosion in the moral compass of society.

    However, the debate around climate justice and ethical use of technology suggest that the moral compass has not lost its complete relevance in contemporary times. Global consensus on formulation of Sustainable Development Goals justifies the faith in moral values.


    While some of the values might seem to be losing relevance in the present society, other set of values reinforce the belief that they have become all the more relevant. There is a need for making citizens aware to work through a prism of moral compass that will benefit all as highlighted in the adage of Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikaas. This could be done through moral education, better implementation of CSR rules etc.

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