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Mains Practice Questions

  • Q. In case of conflict between human values and other fundamental values, the former should triumph. Do you agree? Justify your argument with an appropriate example. (150 Words)

    26 Dec, 2019 GS Paper 4 Theoretical Questions


    • Define values and mention its different types
    • Discuss why human values are kept at a higher pedestal. Provide suitable examples in favour of your argument.


    • Values are enduring belief system which guides people’s behaviour. Such values are acquired on the basis of socialization, knowledge, awareness, experiences etc.
    • Values can be roughly categorized as-
      • Family value
      • Civil services value
      • Organizational values
      • Professional values
      • Moral
      • Ethical
      • Societal
      • Personal
      • Human


    • Human values:
      • These are values which are essential for people to behave like humans. Since a person is born as human different from animals therefore, society has evolved some values due to human interface, interaction with other fellow humans.
      • They are values which guide the behaviour of two or more humans. Compassion, empathy, solidarity are some examples of human values.

    Significance of Human Values

    • Since the human element is common among all people, human values will also be common to all across situations, circumstances, conditions. While other values like socio-cultural values may change from place to place.
    • Human values are related to the core identity of human i.e. dignity and respect.
    • Human values are present inherently in human beings by virtue of being a human while other values are inculcated in human beings through the process of socialization.
    • Human values are more responsible for binding people to live in a society or country as there are many divisive forces because of different socio-cultural values.
    • Peaceful co-existence of entire human civilisation rests on adherence to human values.
    • When forces of Nationalism and Patriotism try to take the front seat, there is a kind of hostility, protectionist feelings generated among the people of different countries. Therefore, Humanity should be always at a higher pedestal than other such values.


    Adherence to human values such as love and compassion is required in today’s world which is affected by many conflicts such as civil wars, refugee crises and terrorism. It is with those human values that one becomes truly able to put into practice his/her ethical values, such as justice, integrity, refusal of violence and ban to kill – even in a crisis situation. Human values convey a positive and affective surge, which reinforces the rationale of moral values. They are the values that permit us to live together in harmony and personally contribute to peace. Human values are a tool to manage human relations and a tool for peace when the tension is high.

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