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G20 Summit

  • 23 Nov 2020
  • 5 min read

Why in News

Recently, at the G20 (Group of Twenty) summit held virtually India called for a “New Global Index” for the post-Corona world .

  • New Global Index will be based on 4 pillars of
    • Talent,
    • Technology,
    • Transparency and
    • Trusteeship towards the planet.
  • This year's summit was hosted by Saudi Arabia.

Key Points

  • Talent:
  • Technology:
    • Ensuring that technology reaches all segments of the society and the value of new technologies should be measured by their benefit to humanity.
    • India suggested that as follow-up action and creation of a G20 virtual secretariat as a repository of documentation.
    • Digitial India and E-governance campaigns of India have increased people's access to technology and other government services.
  • Transparency:
  • Trusteeship:
    • The world should deal with the environment and nature as trustees rather than owners which would inspire us towards a holistic and healthy lifestyle.
    • Climate change must be fought not in silos but in an integrated, comprehensive and holistic way.
    • A principle whose benchmark could be a per capita carbon footprint. A carbon footprint is the amount of greenhouse gases primarily carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere by a particular human activity.
  • Future meetings: Italy in 2021, Indonesia in 2022, India in 2023 and Brazil in 2024.

India's Initiatives for Lowering Emissions


  • It is an informal group of 19 countries and the European Union, with representatives of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.
  • The G20 membership comprises a mix of the world’s largest advanced and emerging economies, representing about two-thirds of the world’s population, 85% of global gross domestic product, 80% of global investment and over 75% of global trade.
  • Members: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Republic of Korea, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States, and the European Union.


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