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  • NSA Meet with Central Asia

    For Prelims: Central Asia, National Security Advisor (NSA), China’s Belt and Road Initiative, Chabahar Port, Ashgabat Agreement, INSTC, For...

    07 Dec 2022 International Relations

  • Connecting India’s East with Indo-Pacific

    This editorial is based on “Connecting India’s East with the Indo-Pacific” which was published in The Hindu on 03/12/2022. It...

    06 Dec 2022 International Relations

  • India Germany Relations

    For Prelims: India Germany Relations, Oil Price Cap, G7, European Union For Mains: India-Germany Relations, Scopes of Cooperation between India...

    06 Dec 2022 International Relations

  • Wassenaar Arrangement

    For Prelims: Wassenaar Arrangement, NSG, NATO, No Money for Terrorism, Terrorism. For Mains: Significance of India’s assuming Chairmanship...

    03 Dec 2022 International Relations

  • Presidency of India at the UNSC

    For Prelims: UNSC, UN Secretary-General, International Court of Justice, Covid-19 pandemic, For Mains: Promote Common Security Through Dialogue...

    02 Dec 2022 International Relations

  • 4th India-France Annual Defense Dialogue

    For Prelims: 4th India-France Annual Defense Dialogue, India-France Military Exercises, International Solar Alliance. For Mains: Effect of...

    29 Nov 2022 International Relations

  • Meeting of China-Indian Ocean Region Forum

    For Prelims: Indian Ocean region, Indian Ocean Rim Association, SAGAR, IONA, Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure. For Mains:...

    28 Nov 2022 International Relations

  • Indo-Pacific Regional Dialogue (IPRD-2022)

    For Prelims: Indo-Pacific Regional Dialogue, Indian Navy, Foreign Direct Investment., rare earth metals, Foreign Direct Investment, Exclusive...

    26 Nov 2022 International Relations

  • India and Gulf Cooperation Council

    For Prelims: Types of Trade Agreements, India & Gulf Countries For Mains: Significance of Indian-Gulf Relations, Opportunities for India under...

    25 Nov 2022 International Relations

  • 9th ASEAN Defence Ministers’ Meeting Plus

    For Prelims: ASEAN, cross-border terrorism, Food Security For Mains: Groupings & Agreements Involving India and/or Affecting India's...

    24 Nov 2022 International Relations

  • India-Australia Economic Cooperation and Trade Agreement

    For Prelims: Location of Australia and the Neighbourhood, Economic Cooperation and Trade Agreement, Free Trade Agreement, CEPA, CECA, Supply Chain...

    23 Nov 2022 International Relations

  • India Norway Maritime Cooperation

    For Prelims: India Norway Joint Working Group, Geography of Norway For Mains: India Norway Relations, Green Maritime Why in News? Recently,...

    18 Nov 2022 International Relations

  • Young Professionals Exchange between India and UK

    For Prelims: Young Professionals Exchange, Indo-Pacific, Free-Trade Agreement (FTA) For Mains: Effect of policies and politics of developed and...

    18 Nov 2022 International Relations

  • Carbon Border Tax

    For Prelims: Carbon Border Tax, European Union, COP-27, BASIC, CBDR-RC, Rio Declaration. For Mains: Carbon Border Tax and Related Issues. Why...

    17 Nov 2022 International Relations

  • India’s ASEAN Bonhomie

    This editorial is based on “India’s ASEAN challenge” which was published in Financial Express on 17/11/2022. It talks about...

    17 Nov 2022 International Relations

  • G-20 Summit 2022

    For Prelims: G-20 Summit, food security, Black Sea grains initiative, Paris Agreement For Mains: Significance of G20 in India’s Foreign...

    17 Nov 2022 International Relations

  • India Norway Relations

    For Prelims: Geography of Norway, India Norway Relations For Mains: History of India Norway Relations, Recent Developments in India Norway...

    15 Nov 2022 International Relations

  • 19th ASEAN-India Summit

    For Prelims: ASEAN, Act East Policy, ASEAN Outlook on Indo-Pacific For Mains: Significance of ASEAN for India, India-ASEAN Areas of...

    14 Nov 2022 International Relations

  • India-US Economic and Financial Partnership Meet

    For Prelims: India-US Relations, Indo-Pacific Strategy For Mains: Bilateral Groupings & Agreements, Indo-Pacific Region, India US Relations -...

    14 Nov 2022 International Relations

  • India-Belarus Relation

    For Prelims: Location of Belarus For Mains: India-Belarus relation, Effect of Policies & Politics of Countries on India's Interests Why in...

    11 Nov 2022 International Relations

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