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  • Vamsadhara River Water Dispute

    Why in News The Chief Ministers of Andhra Pradesh and Odisha will hold talks to clear out all differences with regard to the sharing of Vamsadhara...

    10 Jun 2020 Inter-State Relations

  • India’s Water Woes

    Why in News Recently, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW) has issued an advisory to state governments asking them to ensure safe...

    18 Apr 2020 Inter-State Relations

  • Belagavi Dispute

    This article is based on “What is the Maharashtra-Karnataka tussle over Belagavi all about?” which was published in The Hindu on...

    06 Jan 2020 Inter-State Relations

  • Call of the River

    This article is based on “Call of the River” which was published in The Indian Express on 02/11/2019. It talks about Inter-State River...

    02 Nov 2019 Inter-State Relations

  • Gujarat-Madhya Pradesh Tussle over the Narmada

    Recently, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat have engaged in a tussle over the sharing of Narmada river waters. What is the Controversy? Madhya Pradesh...

    09 Aug 2019 Inter-State Relations

  • The Big Picture – Single Tribunal for River Water Disputes

    India has seen protracted river water sharing disputes in recent years. Depleting groundwater, drying rivers and increasing demand for water have led...

    16 Jul 2019 Inter-State Relations

  • Cooperative and Competitive Federalism in India

    Context Federalism is derived from the Latin world foedus, which means agreement. In fact federation is an agreement between two types of...

    19 Jun 2019 Inter-State Relations

  • Ken Betwa Interlink Project

    Why in News? Recently, central government has announced 90 : 10 funding pattern for Ken Betwa Interlinking Project where 90% of the total...

    24 May 2019 Inter-State Relations

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