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  • Tsunami Early Warning System in India

    Why in News According to experts from the Indian National Centre for Ocean Information System (INCOIS), India is much safer against tsunami threats...

    27 Oct 2020 Geography

  • Mars Opposition

    Why in News Due to the ‘opposition’ effect, Mars will look much brighter and bigger than usual in October 2020. Key Points About...

    14 Oct 2020 Geography

  • Hurricane Delta

    Why in News Recently, Hurricane Delta made landfall in the USA state of Louisiana, which is still recovering from the damage caused by a previous...

    12 Oct 2020 Geography

  • Atal Tunnel

    Why in News The Prime Minister has inaugurated the Atal Tunnel in Himachal Pradesh’s Rohtang, which connects Solang Valley near Manali to...

    03 Oct 2020 Geography

  • Autumnal Equinox in Northern Hemisphere

    Why in News On 22nd September 2020, the day and night was almost equal in most locations marking the start of autumn in the Northern Hemisphere...

    23 Sep 2020 Geography

  • Increase in Frequency of Medicanes

    Why in News Scientists have warned that extra-tropical storms in the Mediterranean Sea, known as ‘Medicanes’ or ‘Mediterranean...

    22 Sep 2020 Geography

  • Re-measuring Mount Everest

    Why in News China and Nepal are soon expected to announce Mount Everest’s latest official height. In 2019, both countries agreed to...

    16 Sep 2020 Geography

  • Methane Hydrates in Krishna-Godavari Basin

    Why in News Recently, a study on biogenic methane hydrate in the Krishna-Godavari (KG) Basin was conducted by the researchers at the Agharkar...

    15 Sep 2020 Geography

  • Typhoon Maysak and Typhoon Haishen

    Why in News Recently, Korean Peninsula and Japan were hit by two typhoons named Maysak and Haishen. Typhoons Typhoons are a kind of storm. The...

    10 Sep 2020 Geography

  • Hurricane Nana

    Why in News Atlantic Hurricane Nana has made a landfall on the coast of Belize. The country Belize is located on the northeast coast of Central...

    04 Sep 2020 Geography

  • Temperature Inversion

    Meaning Under normal conditions, temperature usually decreases with increase in altitude in the troposphere at a rate of 1 degree for every 165...

    29 Aug 2020 Geography

  • Hurricane Laura

    Why in News Hurricane Laura, has made landfall in southwestern Louisiana (South Central United States) with wind speeds reaching up to 250 km (about...

    28 Aug 2020 Geography

  • Landslide in Kodagu

    Why in News Recently, due to heavy rain, numbers of landslides occurred in many parts of India. Key Points Landslides: A landslide is defined...

    27 Aug 2020 Geography

  • High Temperature at Death Valley

    Why in News Recently, Death Valley (USA) registered a temperature of 54.4°C which, once verified, could be the highest temperature in more than...

    18 Aug 2020 Geography

  • Dwarf Planet Ceres

    Why in News As per the data collected by NASA’s Dawn spacecraft, dwarf planet Ceres reportedly has salty water underground. Dawn (2007-18)...

    13 Aug 2020 Geography

  • Perseids Meteor Shower

    Why in News The Perseids meteor shower will be active from 17th-26th August 2020. This is an annual celestial event and is considered the best...

    13 Aug 2020 Geography

  • Sunspots

    Why in News A massive Sunspot group ‘AR2770’, which was detected recently, has emitted minor space flares. These flares have not...

    11 Aug 2020 Geography

  • Earthquake

    An earthquake in simple words is the shaking of the earth. It is a natural event. It is caused due to release of energy, which generates waves that...

    30 Jul 2020 Geography

  • Seismicity Study of Arunachal Himalaya

    Why in News Recently, a study by the Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology (WIHG), pertaining to the exploration of the elastic properties of rocks...

    27 Jul 2020 Geography

  • Predicting Earthquakes

    Why in News According to a recently published study, researchers have developed a new way to improve the prediction of earthquakes. Key...

    18 Jul 2020 Geography

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