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  • New Insights in Geology

    For Prelims: Fundamentals of Physical Geography, Geology, Volcano, Composition of Earth, Tectonic Plates For Mains: Role of magma in creation of...

    13 Jul 2022 Geography

  • Amarnath Flash Flood

    For Prelims: Flash Floods, Cloud Bursting, Fundamentals of Physical Geography, Indian Physical Geography, Disaster Management Bodies, NDRF,...

    11 Jul 2022 Geography

  • Perennial Disaster - Floods

    This editorial is based on “Keeping head above water in Silchar” which was published in The Hindu on 02/07/2022. It talks about the...

    02 Jul 2022 Geography

  • High-grade lithium discovered in Nigeria

    For Prelims: High Grade Lithium, spodumene and lepidolite, Electric Vehicles For Mains: Applications of Lithium, Lithium in India, Steps taken by...

    29 Jun 2022 Geography

  • Residual Flood Damage under Intensive Adaptation

    For Prelims: Flood Management, NDMA For Mains: Residual Flood Damage under Intensive Adaptation, Climate Change Why in News? According to a...

    25 Jun 2022 Geography

  • Bedti-Varada River Interlinking Project

    For Prelims: Bedti- Varada River Interlinking Project, Tungabhadra River For Mains: Issues of Rivers Interlinking Projects Why in...

    24 Jun 2022 Geography

  • Summer Solstice: 21st June

    For Prelims: Summer Solstice, Winter Solstice, Equinox For Mains: Summer Solstice, Geography behind Solstice, Physical Geography, Important...

    21 Jun 2022 Geography

  • Pre-Monsoon Devastation in Assam

    For Prelims: Landslides, Floods, Monsoon For Mains: Causes of Pre Monsoon Floods and Landslides in Assam and other hilly regions Why in...

    25 May 2022 Geography

  • Twin Cyclones

    For Prelims: Madden-Julian Oscillation, Rossby Wave, Cyclones For Mains: Tropical and temperate cyclones, Twin Cyclones and their formation Why in...

    18 May 2022 Geography

  • Landforms Part-II

    What is the Landform Made by Wind? Wind is a geomorphic agent in all terrestrial environments. It is more active in arid regions with...

    17 May 2022 Geography

  • Cyclone Asani

    For Prelims: Cyclone Asani, IMD, Cyclone nomenclature. For Mains: Cyclone Formation, Tropical Cyclone. Why in News? The India Meteorological...

    09 May 2022 Geography

  • Landforms of the Earth

    What are Landforms? A landform is a feature on the Earth's surface that is part of the terrain. Each landform has its own physical shape, size,...

    05 May 2022 Geography

  • Seafloor Spreading

    For Prelims: Seafloor Spreading, tectonic plates, Ring of Fire, Pangea For Mains: Seafloor Spreading concept and associated geographic...

    25 Apr 2022 Geography

  • Western Disturbances

    For Prelims: Western Disturbances, Caspian Sea, Mediterranean Sea, India Meteorological Department, Flash Floods, landslides, Cold Wave For Mains:...

    23 Apr 2022 Geography

  • Pre-Eruption Warning Signals at Volcanoes

    For Prelims: Volcanoes, Whakaari Volcano, Ruapehu Volcano, Displacement Seismic Amplitude Ratio, Seismic Waves. For Mains: Volcanoes. Why in...

    21 Apr 2022 Geography

  • India to Receive Normal Monsoon: IMD

    For Prelims: IMD, Southwest Monsoon, Long Range Forecast, El Nino, La Nina, Drought. For Mains: Monsoon and its importance, Changing pattern of...

    15 Apr 2022 Geography

  • Mullaperiyar Dam Issue

    For Prelims: Mullaperiyar Dam, Supreme Court, NDSA, Periyar River, Western Ghats. For Mains: Mullaperiyar Dam Issue and dam safety act, Water...

    11 Apr 2022 Geography

  • Flood Plain Zoning

    For Prelims: Flood Plain Zoning, Floods, India’s Vulnerability to Floods. For Mains: Disaster Management, Significance and Challenges to the...

    15 Mar 2022 Geography

  • Tapi-Par-Narmada Link Project

    For Prelims: Tapi-Par-Narmada Link Project, Ken-Betwa. For Mains: Inter-Linking of Rivers Programme and related challenges, Water...

    12 Mar 2022 Geography

  • Ocean currents

    What are Ocean Currents? Ocean currents are the continuous, predictable, directional movement of seawater. It is a massive movement of ocean water...

    21 Feb 2022 Geography

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