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  • Subansiri Dam

    Despite National Green Tribunal's order of not resuming construction or concretization work at Lower Subansiri Hydroelectric Project (LSHP) till...

    16 Jul 2019 Geography

  • A New Way of Predicting Monsoon

    A researcher at a science and technology conference organised in Vienna by the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organisation has come up with...

    09 Jul 2019 Geography

  • Cosmic Rays Impacting Earth’s Climate

    According to a study published in the Scientific Reports journal,the cosmic rays are impacting earth climate by adding low-cloud cover. Besides...

    06 Jul 2019 Geography

  • Total Solar Eclipse 2019

    A Total Solar Eclipse was witnessed in the region of the South Pacific and parts of South America (Mainly Chile and Argentina) This was the only...

    04 Jul 2019 Geography

  • El-Nino Threatens Monsoon

    According to the India Meteorological Department, the deficiency in rainfall in June was 33%. With the El-Nino phenomenon being observed since the...

    03 Jul 2019 Geography

  • Monsoon

    Generally, across the world, the monsoons are experienced in the tropical area roughly between 20° N and 20° S. The climate of India is...

    24 Jun 2019 Geography

  • Kaleshwaram Project

    The Kaleshwaram lift irrigation project is aimed to make Telangana drought proof by harnessing the flood waters of the Godavari. The project is an...

    21 Jun 2019 Geography

  • The World Population Prospects

    According to ‘The World Population Prospects 2019’ published by the Population Division of the UN Department of Economic and Social...

    18 Jun 2019 Geography

  • Rare Easterly Winds over the Indian Ocean

    Climate Prediction Centre of the US National Weather Service has said that unusually warm waters in the Arabian Sea have set up a rare band of...

    14 Jun 2019 Geography

  • Cyclone Vayu

    The India Meteorological Department issued an orange alert over Cyclone Vayu. Cyclone Vayu, named by India, is only a deep depression and is still...

    11 Jun 2019 Geography

  • River Linking Project

    The National Green Tribunal(NGT) has stayed the Godavari-Penna river interlinking projects due to lack of environmental clearance. The NGT has...

    08 Jun 2019 Geography

  • UN-Habitat Assembly

    India is elected to the Executive Board of the first UN-Habitat Assembly at the Plenary Session of the Assembly being held in Nairobi. The theme:...

    01 Jun 2019 Geography

  • Fire Safety Regulations In India

    This editorial is based on the news "Fire and Laissez-faire: Fix Accountability for Surat Tragedy" which appeared in "The Hindu" on 27th May 2019....

    27 May 2019 Geography

  • Depleting Groundwater

    Water depletion in Haryana over the years has led to 60 dark zones in the State, which include 21 critical ones in 10 districts. Reasons for...

    27 May 2019 Geography

  • Fire Safety

    Fire incident at a coaching centre in Surat has resulted in the death of 22 students. Facts As per National Crime Records Bureau figures, 17,700...

    27 May 2019 Geography

  • Challenges of River Interlinking

    This editorial is based on the article 'Waterman finds gaping holes in Ken-Betwa promise', that appeared in Times of India on May 3rd, 2019. Why...

    24 May 2019 Geography

  • Ken Betwa Interlink Project

    Why in News? Recently, central government has announced 90 : 10 funding pattern for Ken Betwa Interlinking Project where 90% of the total...

    24 May 2019 Geography

  • Marathwada Water Crisis

    According to some economists and water academics, the water crisis in the Marathwada region of Maharashtra is the outcome of ‘policy...

    23 May 2019 Geography

  • Two-metre Sea Level Rise 'Plausible' by 2100

    According to new projections, global sea levels could rise by two metres (6.5 feet) and displace tens of millions of people by the end of the...

    22 May 2019 Geography

  • Heat Wave Warning

    Odisha State Disaster Management Authority (OSDMA) has issued a heat wave warning to most of the districts in the Odisha state. Temperature rises...

    22 May 2019 Geography

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