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  • Extreme Heat Waves and Mitigation

    This editorial is based on “Dealing with extreme heat” which was published in The Hindu on 18/04/2023. It talks about a comprehensive...

    18 Apr 2023 Geography

  • Composition and Layers of Earth's Atmosphere

    For Prelims: Atmosphere & Its Layers, Composition of Earth’s Atmosphere For Mains: Significance of Atmosphere, Characteristics of...

    13 Apr 2023 Geography

  • El Nino

    For Prelims: EL Nino, ENSO, Southwest Monsoon Season, Heatwaves, Droughts, WMO. For Mains: El Nino and its Impact. Why in News? Many climate...

    08 Apr 2023 Geography

  • Changing Western Disturbances

    For Prelims: Western Disturbances, Flash floods, Mediterranean region, Caspian Sea, Himalayan glacier, Rabi Crop. For Mains: Western Disturbances,...

    27 Mar 2023 Geography

  • Illegal Sand Mining in National Chambal Sanctuary

    For Prelims: National Chambal Sanctuary, Wildlife Protection Act, 1972, Important Bird and Biodiversity Area, Ramsar site, The Mines and Minerals...

    22 Mar 2023 Geography

  • Africa's Rift Valley and the Creation of a New Ocean Basin

    For Prelims: Red Sea, Rift Valley, Nubian African Plate, Arabian Plate, Gulf of Aden. For Mains: Tectonic Plates, Factors Responsible for...

    17 Mar 2023 Geography

  • States Demand to Declare Lightning as a Natural Disaster

    For Prelims: Natural Disasters, Lightning. For Mains: Effects of lightning and lightning as a natural disaster and Natural Disaster Why in the...

    13 Mar 2023 Geography

  • Landslide Atlas of India

    Prelims: Landslide, Kedarnath disaster in 2013, Land Subsidence and Joshi math Case, Rainfall variability, Western Ghats, Himalayas. Mains: Key...

    11 Mar 2023 Geography

  • Glacial Retreat

    For Prelims: Glacial Retreat, Floods, Landslide, Pensilungpa Glacier (PG), Durung-Drung Glacier (DDG). For Mains: Factors Influence Glacial...

    10 Mar 2023 Geography

  • Tapping into Helium Reserves

    For Prelims: Helium, Carbon footprint, Radioactive elements, Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) For Mains: Significance of Helium Gas, Uses of...

    03 Mar 2023 Geography

  • India’s Earthquake Preparedness

    For Prelims: Turkey Syria Earthquake, Richter Scale, Himalayan Plate, Tectonic Plates. For Mains: Causes of Earthquake, Earthquakes In/Around...

    13 Feb 2023 Geography

  • GSI Discovers Lithium Resources in J&K

    Prelims: Geological Survey of India, Lithium reserves and its importance Mains: Mineral & Energy Resources Why in News? The Geological...

    11 Feb 2023 Geography

  • Glacial Lake Outburst Flood

    Prelims: Flood, Himalayas, NDMA, Early Warning System. Mains: Glacial Lake Outburst Flood. Why in News? Recently, a new study has been...

    11 Feb 2023 Geography

  • Earthquakes in Turkey and Causes

    Prelims: Tectonic Plates, Types of Earthquakes, Earthquake, its Distribution and Types, Strike-Slip Earthquake. Mains: Earthquake, its types and...

    07 Feb 2023 Geography

  • Manufactured Sand

    For Prelims: Coal India Limited (CIL), Manufactured Sand, Opencast Coal Mining, Minor mineral, The Mines and Minerals (Development and Regulations)...

    28 Jan 2023 Geography

  • Rare Earth Elements Discovered in Sweden

    For Prelims: Rare Earth Elements, Green Transition, Clean Energy, NASA’s Space Shuttle Programme, Electric Vehicles, QUAD, Thorium. For...

    17 Jan 2023 Geography

  • Deep-Water Circulation

    For Prelims: Deep-water Circulation, Central American Seaway, Antarctic Bottom Water (AABW), Ocean Current, Indian Ocean, Iron-manganese crusts,...

    16 Jan 2023 Geography

  • Cold Wave

    Prelims: Cold Wave, Westerly Winds, IMD, Fog, Indo-Gangetic Plain. Mains: Factors Responsible for Cold Wave. Why in News? Delhi and other...

    12 Jan 2023 Geography

  • State of Indian Dams

    For Prelims: UNU-INWEH, Dams,Climate change For Mains: Issue of Dam Safety and related steps that can can be taken Why in News? According to a...

    10 Jan 2023 Geography

  • Joshimath Land Subsidence

    Prelims: Natural Disaster, Floods, Draughts, Landslide, Joshimath. Mains: Reason for Joshimath Land Subsidence and Related Concerns. Why in...

    09 Jan 2023 Geography

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