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  • Coastal Red Sand Dunes

    For Prelims: Erra Matti Dibbalu, Geologic Time Scale, Quaternary Period, Geologic Time Scale. For Mains: Significance of studying Coastal Red Sand...

    03 Dec 2022 Geography

  • Rare Earth Metals

    For Prelims: Confederation of Indian Industry, India Rare Earths Mission, Deep Ocean Mission For Mains: Rare Earth Metals and the need to develop...

    28 Nov 2022 Geography

  • Earthquake

    For Prelims: India and Eurasia Plates, Types of Earthquakes. For Mains: Earthquake, its Distribution and Types. Why in News? Recently,...

    10 Nov 2022 Geography

  • Early Warning System in Himalayan Region

    For Prelims: Earthquakes, Sendai Framework (2015-2030), Floods, Rockslides, Avalanches, Tsunami, Drought, Disaster Management. For Mains: Early...

    10 Nov 2022 Geography

  • Types of Eclipses

    For Prelims: Lunar Eclipse, Solar Eclipse, Full Moon, Reyleigh Scattering. For Mains: Total Lunar Eclipse. Why in News? Recently, a Total...

    09 Nov 2022 Geography

  • Mauna Loa Volcano

    For Prelims: Volcano, Ring of Fire For Mains: volcano and its distribution Why in News? Mauna Loa, the largest active volcano in the world,...

    05 Nov 2022 Geography

  • Cyclone Sitrang

    For Prelims: Cyclone and it Types For Mains: Cyclone and its formation, Important Geophysical phenomena Why in News? Bangladesh has been...

    26 Oct 2022 Geography

  • Global Status of Multi-Hazard Early Warning Systems: Target G

    For Prelims: Sendai Framework (2015-2030), International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction, Tsunami, Drought, Disaster Management. For Mains:...

    19 Oct 2022 Geography

  • Coal Mines in India Under-Utilised: GEM Report

    For Prelims: Coal Mines, Coal Crisis, Types of coal, Net Zero Emissions, Clean Energy For Mains: Findings of GEM Report on Coal Utilization and...

    18 Oct 2022 Geography

  • Minerals

    For Prelims: Metallic Minerals, Non-Metallic Mineral, Non-ferrous metals, Ferrous metals For Mains: Minerals and their different types, Economical...

    15 Oct 2022 Geography

  • Rocks

    For Prelims: Igneous Rock, Sedimentary Rocks, Metamorphic Rocks, Rock Cycle For Mains: Genesis and Transformation of different kinds of...

    08 Oct 2022 Geography

  • Fire Safety in India

    This editorial is based on “The failure of fire safety norms” which was published in The Hindu on 22/09/2022. It talks about recent...

    24 Sep 2022 Geography

  • Dvorak Technique

    For Prelims: Dvorak Technique of Weather Forecasting, Cloud Pattern Recognition Technique, Meteorology. For Mains: Dvorak Technique and its...

    23 Sep 2022 Geography

  • Impact of Climate Change on Indian Monsoon

    For Prelims: Climate Change, Flooding, Droughts, Indian Ocean Dipole, Monsoon depression. For Mains: Impact of Climate Change on Indian...

    19 Sep 2022 Geography

  • Pakistan’s Devastating Floods

    For Prelims: Geographical Phenomena, Flood, Trade between India and Pakistan. For Mains: Causes of floods, Impact on life and economy. Why in...

    30 Aug 2022 Geography

  • Third Consecutive La Nina Event

    For Prelims: La Niña, El Nino, El Nino-Southern Oscillation (ENSO), India Meteorological India (IMD). For Mains: Impacts of El Nino and La...

    29 Aug 2022 Geography

  • Formation of Continents

    For Prelims: Continental Drift, Plate Tectonics Theory For Mains: Continent Formation, Continental Drift and Plate Tectonics Theory Why in...

    16 Aug 2022 Geography

  • Flood Situation in Kerala

    For Prelims: Flood, Landslides, Chalakudy River, Madhav Gadgil Committee, National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) For Mains: Urban Flooding,...

    05 Aug 2022 Geography

  • Aridity Anomaly Outlook Index: IMD

    For Prelims: IMD, Drought, Kharif Season For Mains: Aridity Anomaly Outlook Index and its Significance Why in News? Recently, Indian...

    02 Aug 2022 Geography

  • Sakurajima Volcano Japan

    For Prelims: Volcanoes and types For Mains: Volcanoes and its impacts environment Why in News? Recently, the Sakurajima Volcano erupted on...

    26 Jul 2022 Geography

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