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  • Earthquake

    Why in News Recently, a shallow and strong earthquake of magnitude 6.1 struck the Myanmar-India border region early. Key...

    26 Nov 2021 Geography

  • Weather Forecasting

    Why in News Recently, 21 trekkers died at the Lamkhaga Pass trek in four mountaineering and trekking expeditions which once again puts the spotlight...

    16 Nov 2021 Geography

  • Emergence of Earliest Continental Landmass

    Why in News A new study has suggested that the earliest continental landmass emerged 3.2 billion year ago instead of 2.5 billion years ago (as per...

    13 Nov 2021 Geography

  • Flood Plain Zoning

    Why in News Recently, a Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG) report on preparedness and response to floods was presented in the...

    13 Nov 2021 Geography

  • Leonids Meteor Shower

    Why in News The annual Leonids Meteor Shower has begun and will be active between 6th and 30th November, with peak activity expected on 17th...

    10 Nov 2021 Geography

  • Water Level in Mullaperiyar Dam

    Why in News Recently, the Supreme Court has directed the Supervisory Committee to take an immediate and firm decision on the maximum water level...

    29 Oct 2021 Geography

  • Widespread Northeast Monsoon: IMD

    Why in News According to the India Meteorological Department (IMD), the northeast monsoon, which makes up for most of Tamil Nadu's annual rainfall,...

    27 Oct 2021 Geography

  • Double-Dip La Niña

    Why in News Recently, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA, an American scientific agency) has declared that La Niña has...

    21 Oct 2021 Geography

  • A Spatial Shift of Heatwaves in India

    Why in News Recently, a study has found a spatial shift of heatwaves in India, now occurring in new regions in the country. It also added that...

    12 Oct 2021 Geography

  • Landslide and Flood Early Warning System

    Why in News The Council of Scientific and Industrial Research -National Geophysical Research Institute (CSIR-NGRI) has launched an...

    04 Oct 2021 Geography

  • Lithium

    Why in News Various provinces of Argentina are building mining logistics nodes and access roads, lowering tax rates and rationalizing rules for the...

    15 Sep 2021 Geography

  • Connect Karo 2021

    Why in News Recently, the Union Home Minister addressed the ‘Connect Karo 2021’ - Towards Equitable, Sustainable Indian Cities’...

    15 Sep 2021 Geography

  • Drainage Patterns and Drainage Systems of India

    Drainage: The flow of water through well-defined channels is known as ‘drainage’ and the network of such channels is called a...

    14 Sep 2021 Geography

  • Changing Rainfall Pattern in North East India

    Why in News Recently, an analysis showed a changing rainfall pattern in North East (NE) India because of Climate Change. The National Action Plan...

    13 Sep 2021 Geography

  • Footprints of 3 Dinosaur Species: Rajasthan

    Why in News Recently, in a major discovery, footprints of three species of dinosaurs have been found in the Thar desert in Rajasthan’s...

    11 Sep 2021 Geography

  • Impact of Climate Change on El Nino and La Nina

    Why in News According to recent research, climate change can cause extreme and more frequent El Niño and La Niña events. The...

    06 Sep 2021 Geography

  • Milky Sea Phenomenon

    Why in News The scientists are using new satellite technology Day/Night Band to find glow-in-the-dark milky seas. Key Points About: Also...

    28 Aug 2021 Geography

  • Earthquake Observatories

    Why in News Recently, the government has announced that India is going to have 35 more earthquake observatories by the end of the 2021 and aims to...

    24 Aug 2021 Geography

  • Mangrove Forests

    Introduction About: A Mangrove is a small tree or shrub that grows along coastlines, taking root in salty sediments, often underwater. The...

    23 Aug 2021 Geography

  • Geo-Tourism in Northeast

    Why in News Recently, the Geological Survey of India (GSI) has identified certain geological sites across the Northeast for promotion of...

    23 Aug 2021 Geography

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