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  • Cyclone Gaja

    A deep depression in the bay of bengal has intensified into a cyclonic storm and is likely to hit the coasts of Tamil Nadu. There is long sea...

    15 Nov 2018 Geography

  • Mission to Explore Ocean Deeps

    A submarine mission called "Five Deeps" will explore the bottom of each of the world's oceans. The Five Deeps Expedition is the first manned...

    10 Nov 2018 Geography

  • Cyclone Titli

    Cyclone Titli has become the third major cyclone to hit the Odisha-Andhra coastal zone in the last five years, all in October. The other two were...

    15 Oct 2018 Geography

  • Twin Cyclones, Luban and Titli Keep Indian Seas Active

    The cyclonic storms ‘TITLI’ over the Bay of Bengal and another cyclonic storm ‘LUBAN’ over the Arabian sea have developed in...

    10 Oct 2018 Geography

  • New Maritime route through Arctic Ice

    AP Moller-Maersk, the world’s largest container shipping groups cargo vessels, had navigated through the Russian Arctic on a trial...

    01 Oct 2018 Geography

  • Cyclone Daye

    A monsoon low in the Bay of Bengal has organized into Cyclonic Storm Daye and will bring another surge of rainfall to parts of eastern and northern...

    21 Sep 2018 Geography

  • Meghalayan Age


    18 Sep 2018 Geography

  • Meghalayan Age

    Why in news? Geologists have decided to classify the past 4,200 years as the Meghalayan Age. It is the most recent unit of the Geologic Time...

    13 Sep 2018 Geography

  • Abhilash Baranwal


    08 Aug 2018 Geography

  • Underground Lake Found on Mars

    Using a radar instrument on an orbiting spacecraft, scientists have spotted a sizable salt-laden lake under ice on the southern polar plain of...

    26 Jul 2018 Geography

  • Meghalayan Age — A New Phase in History

    Recently, Geologists have ratified a new unit of the Geologic Time Scale, known as the Meghalayan Age. The Holocene Epoch reflects everything that...

    20 Jul 2018 Geography

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