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  • Natural Gas: A Stepping Stone

    This article is based on “India’s road to clean energy goes via natural gas” which was published in The Indian Express on...

    03 May 2021 Conservation

  • Wildlife (Protection) Act (WPA), 1972

    Introduction Constitutional Provisions for Wildlife: The 42nd Amendment Act, 1976, Forests and Protection of Wild Animals and Birds was...

    03 May 2021 Conservation

  • Xylophis deepaki

    Why in News A tiny snake “Xylophis deepaki” has been named in honour of Indian herpetologist Deepak Veerappan for his contribution in...

    03 May 2021 Conservation

  • The Global Forest Goals Report 2021: UN Report

    Why in News According to the United Nations’ Global Forest Goals Report 2021, Covid-19 pandemic has aggravated the challenges faced by...

    30 Apr 2021 Conservation

  • Green Initiatives: Saudi Arabia

    Why in News Recently, Saudi Arabia launched Saudi Green Initiative and the Middle East Green Initiative to combat the threat of climate...

    28 Apr 2021 Conservation

  • Groundwater Depletion and Cropping Intensity

    Why in News In a recent study, it has been found that groundwater depletion in India could reduce winter cropped acreage significantly in years...

    26 Apr 2021 Conservation

  • Leaders’ Summit on Climate

    Why in News Recently, the Leaders' Summit on Climate was convened by the US President virtually. 40 world leaders, including the Prime Minister...

    24 Apr 2021 Conservation

  • Tough Corals

    Why in News A recent study has suggested that coral structures may withstand climate change owing to their impressive process of forming rock-hard...

    23 Apr 2021 Conservation

  • Protest Against Blue Flag Beaches

    Why in News Recently Odisha government’s plan to get Blue Flag Certification for five beaches was opposed by the fishermen. Odisha planned...

    23 Apr 2021 Conservation

  • Snow Leopard

    Why in News Just days before celebrating Earth Day, the internet was going viral over a photo of a snow leopard. Key Points About: Scientific...

    23 Apr 2021 Conservation

  • Disk-footed Bat

    Why in News India’s first bamboo-dwelling bat with sticky disks, has been found near Nongkhyllem Wildlife Sanctuary in Meghalaya. Key...

    19 Apr 2021 Conservation

  • Great Indian Bustards

    Why in News Recently, a group of hunters shot down two Great Indian Bustards (GIBs) in a protected area of southern Punjab’s Cholistan in...

    19 Apr 2021 Conservation

  • Exotic Animals

    Why in News Recently, the Delhi High Court directed the Centre to take a decision on framing rules to confer protection for exotic animals that are...

    19 Apr 2021 Conservation

  • Cleaning Ganga

    This article is based on “River of life” which was published in The Indian Express on 17/04/2021. It talks about the reason for...

    17 Apr 2021 Conservation

  • Dolphin Population in Odisha

    Why in News Recently, Odisha has released the final data on the dolphin census, indicating a spectacular growth in numbers. Key Points Census...

    16 Apr 2021 Conservation

  • Indian Rhino Vision 2020

    Why in News The Indian Rhino Vision 2020 (IRV2020) program has come to a close with the recent translocation of two rhinos to Manas National Park in...

    14 Apr 2021 Conservation

  • Danube Sturgeon

    Why in News According to a report released by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), illegal sale of Danube Sturgeon, one of the most endangered species in...

    13 Apr 2021 Conservation

  • Antarctica’s Doomsday Glacier

    Why in News Researchers from Sweden’s University of Gothenburg have been able to obtain data from underneath Thwaites Glacier, also known as...

    13 Apr 2021 Conservation

  • Navegaon-Nagzira Tiger Reserve: Maharashtra

    Why in News Three labourers were killed and two others injured during an operation to douse a forest fire at Navegaon-Nagzira Tiger Reserve (NNTR)...

    12 Apr 2021 Conservation

  • Decentralizing Climate Assistance

    This article is based on “The role of MGNREGA in the climate crisis” which was published in The Hindustan Times on 03/04/2021. It talks...

    05 Apr 2021 Conservation

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