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  • Ramsar Sites in India


    13 Aug 2022 Conservation

  • Loss of Mangrove Cover on Katchal Island

    For Prelims: National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Nicobar archipelago, Mangrove cover For Mains: Significance of Mangroves...

    12 Aug 2022 Conservation

  • World Lion Day 2022

    Why in News? World Lion Day is observed on 10th August annually to spread awareness and educate people about lions and their conservation. What is...

    12 Aug 2022 Conservation

  • Pre-Summit of Tiger Range Countries

    For Prelims: Conservation Status of Tiger, Conservation Assured | Tiger Standards (CA|TS), Global Tiger Summit, Project Tiger For Mains:...

    11 Aug 2022 Conservation

  • Amendments to Biodiversity Bill, 2021

    For Prelims: Biological Diversity (Amendment) Bill, Ayurveda Yoga Naturopathy Unani Siddha and Homeopathy (AYUSH) For Mains: Significance &...

    11 Aug 2022 Conservation

  • Peninsular Rock Agama

    Why in News? Recently, a study has been carried out by researchers from Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bengaluru to understand several...

    11 Aug 2022 Conservation

  • Ramsar Convention


    09 Aug 2022 Conservation

  • Recovery of Coral Reefs in Great Barrier Reef

    For Prelims: Great Barrier Reef (GBR), Corals, Acropora corals, Coral bleaching. For Mains: Significance of Coral Reefs in Marine...

    08 Aug 2022 Conservation

  • India and SDG 13

    For Prelims: Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), United Nations, National Action Plan on Climate Change, Green Climate Fund (GCF) For Mains:...

    06 Aug 2022 Conservation

  • New Addition to the Ramsar Sites List

    Why in News? Recently, India has added 10 more Ramsar sites, or wetlands that are of international importance, taking the number of such sites to...

    05 Aug 2022 Conservation

  • The Energy Conservation (Amendment) Bill 2022

    For Prelims: Electricity Conservation Act 2001, Bureau of Energy Efficiency, Green Hydrogen, Carbon Credits, Battery Swapping Policy, Green...

    04 Aug 2022 Conservation

  • Wildlife (Protection) Amendment Bill 2021

    For Prelims: Wildlife (Protection) Act,1972, CITES For Mains: Wildlife (Protection) Amendment Bill, 2021 Why in News? Recently, Lok Sabha...

    04 Aug 2022 Conservation

  • Clean, Healthy Environment as a Universal Human Right

    For Prelims: Human Rights, United Nations, UNGA, Declaration of Human Rights, Climate Change, Pollution For Mains: Significance of International...

    01 Aug 2022 Conservation

  • Natural Resource Accounting (NRA)

    For Prelims: Natural Resource Accounting (NRA), System of Economic and Environmental Accounting (SEEA), Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs),...

    01 Aug 2022 Conservation

  • Loktak Lake

    Why in News? Recently, Loktak Lake Authority of Manipur recently issued a notice to remove all floating houses and fishing structures on Loktak...

    01 Aug 2022 Conservation

  • International Tiger Day

    For Prelims: International Tiger Day and its Significance, efforts related to tiger conservation For Mains: Significance of Tiger...

    01 Aug 2022 Conservation

  • Swachh Sagar, Surakshit Sagar campaign

    Why in News? Recently, the Ministry of Earth Sciences has launched a Coastal Clean Up Drive under Swachh Sagar Surakshit Sagar Campaign to clean 75...

    29 Jul 2022 Conservation

  • Human-Animal Conflict

    For Prelims: Human-Animal conflict, Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972 For Mians: Human-Animal Conflict and its Implications Why in...

    28 Jul 2022 Conservation

  • Light-Mantled Albatross

    Why in News? Recently Light-mantled Albatross, a species native to the Antarctic seas, was recorded in Tamil Nadu. What are the Findings? The...

    27 Jul 2022 Conservation

  • Ramsar Sites

    For Prelims: Climate Change, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Wetlands and Ramsar Sites in India, Sustainable Development, World Wetlands Day 2022,...

    27 Jul 2022 Conservation

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