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  • Project Dolphin

    For Prelims: National Mission for Clean Ganga, Gangetic Dolphin, steps taken by the government to conserve dolphins. For Mains: Conservation,...

    16 Mar 2022 Conservation

  • Amazon Rainforest Nearing Tipping Point

    For Prelims: Types of Forest Ecosystem. For Mains: Environment Pollution and Degradation, Conservation. Why in News? A study published...

    11 Mar 2022 Conservation

  • 1954 Hague Convention

    For Prelims: United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), “Blue Shield” emblem, 1954 Hague Convention,...

    11 Mar 2022 Conservation

  • Glycosmis Albicarpa

    Why in News A team of scientists from the Botanical Survey of India (BSI) has discovered a new gin berry species named Glycosmis albicarpa from the...

    08 Mar 2022 Conservation

  • Great Barrier Reef: IPCC

    For Prelims: Great Barrier Reef, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. For Mains: Significance of Coral Reefs and Initiatives to protect it,...

    07 Mar 2022 Conservation

  • Green Hydrogen Policy

    This editorial is based on “Our Green Energy Policy Needs A Close Relook” which was published in Livemint on 04/03/2022. It talks about...

    04 Mar 2022 Conservation

  • Daylight Harvesting

    For Prelims: Daylight Harvesting, Building's Energy Efficiency, Initiatives to Promote Energy Efficiency. For Mains: Significance of Daylight...

    04 Mar 2022 Conservation

  • Wet Bulb Temperature

    For Prelims: Wet bulb temperature, Dry bulb temperature, Dew point temperature, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, water vapour, Rising Sea...

    03 Mar 2022 Conservation

  • Fifth Session of the United Nations Environment Assembly

    For Prelims: Single Use Plastics, Sustainable Development Goals, United Nations Environment Assembly, 2015 Paris Agreement. For Mains: Single use...

    03 Mar 2022 Conservation

  • Dugong Conservation Reserve in Palk Bay

    Why in News? Recently, the Tamil Nadu government has decided to go ahead with the establishment of India's first conservation reserve for the Dugong...

    03 Mar 2022 Conservation

  • Konark Sun Temple to Run on Solar Energy

    For Prelims: Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), Konark Sun Temple, Kalinga Architecture, UNESCO world heritage site. For Mains: Indian Culture...

    03 Mar 2022 Conservation

  • India and the Sixth Assessment Report

    This editorial is based on “The Heat Is On” which was published in Indian Express on 02/03/2022. It talks about the India-specific...

    02 Mar 2022 Conservation

  • IPCC: Part Two of Sixth Assessment Report

    For Prelims: Sixth Assessment Report of Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), climate change, Non-Communicable Diseases, Kyoto...

    01 Mar 2022 Conservation

  • Razzaza Lake: Iraq

    Why in News? Iraq’s Razzaza Lake was once a tourist attraction known for its beautiful scenery and an abundance of fish that locals depended...

    25 Feb 2022 Conservation

  • Saltwater Crocodile

    Why in News? Saltwater Crocodiles (Crocodylus porosus), used to be found in Vietnam and southern China, became extinct in these areas due to human...

    24 Feb 2022 Conservation

  • Draft Policy Framework for Distributed Renewable Energy

    For Prelims: Schemes and programmes for Achieving Renewable Energy Target For Mains: India's achievements in renewable energy sector, India's...

    23 Feb 2022 Conservation

  • Annual Frontiers Report 2022

    For Prelims: Annual Frontiers Report, United Nations Environment Programme, UNEP, wildfires, climate change, pollution, biodiversity loss,...

    23 Feb 2022 Conservation

  • Similipal Biosphere Reserve: Odisha

    Why in News? Recently the Forest Administration and SHGs (Self Help Groups) have started an awareness Campaign to manage fires in Similipal...

    23 Feb 2022 Conservation

  • Plastic Waste Management (Amendment) Rules, 2022

    For Prelims: Single Use Plastics and its uses, Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), Paris Agreement, Net Zero, Plastic Waste Management...

    21 Feb 2022 Conservation

  • Green Hydrogen/Green Ammonia Policy

    For Prelims: Green Hydrogen, Forms of Hydrogen, National Hydrogen Mission. For Mains: Green Hydrogen and its significance in achieving...

    21 Feb 2022 Conservation

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