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  • Rhododendron

    Why in News? Recently, the Botanical Survey of India has published a new report titled 'Rhododendrons of Sikkim and Darjeeling Himalaya- An...

    21 Feb 2023 Conservation

  • Rural Tourism

    Prelims: Rural Tourism, Ministry of Tourism, Indian Heritage Sites, Village Clusters, Visit India Year 2023. Mains: Rural Tourism, Significance and...

    20 Feb 2023 Conservation

  • Pangolin

    Why in News? A new report by TRAFFIC and World Wide Fund for Nature-India revealed that 1,203 pangolins were poached for illegal wildlife trade in...

    18 Feb 2023 Conservation

  • Marine Spatial Planning Framework

    Prelims: MSP framework, Blue Economy, Exclusive Economic Zone. Mains: Government Policies & Interventions, Significance of the Oceans,...

    17 Feb 2023 Conservation

  • Deep Sea Fish Conservation

    Prelims: Purse Seine Fishing, Exclusive Economic Zone, UNCLOS, Total allowable catch Mains: Purse Seine Fishing Technique and its concerns,...

    17 Feb 2023 Conservation

  • Limiting Warming Below 1.8°C

    For Prelims: UN-mandated Paris Agreement, Sea level rise, Greenland ice sheets, Net-zero carbon emissions, Greenhouse gases, Marine heatwave, UPSC,...

    16 Feb 2023 Conservation

  • Draft Geo-heritage Sites and Geo-relics Bill, 2022

    Prelims: GSI, UNESCO, Right to Fair Compensation, RFCTLARR Act. Mains: Draft Geo-heritage Sites and Geo-relics Bill. Why in News? Recently,...

    16 Feb 2023 Conservation

  • Black Soldier Fly Larvae and Poultry Feed

    Why in News? India is among the top five chicken and egg producers in the world, but there are challenges to the business for small poultry farmers...

    14 Feb 2023 Conservation

  • Green Steel

    For Prelims: Green Steel, National Hydrogen Energy Mission (NHM), Steel Scrap Recycling Policy, PAT Scheme, CCUS Initiative, India’s...

    10 Feb 2023 Conservation

  • International Marine Protected Areas Congress

    Prelims: Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity, CCAMLR, Marine Protected Areas in India. Mains: Marine Protected...

    09 Feb 2023 Conservation

  • Tourism Working Group in Rann of Kutch

    For Prelims: India’s G20 presidency, Rann of Kutch, UNESCO World heritage site, Dholavira, World Travel and Tourism Council, Swadesh Darshan...

    04 Feb 2023 Conservation

  • World Likely to See 2°C Warming by 2050

    Prelims: ANN, Climate Change, Global Warming, Paris Agreement. Mains: Implications of Global warming. Why in News? Recently, a study published...

    02 Feb 2023 Conservation

  • Senna Spectabilis

    Why in News? Kerala has come out with a management plan to eradicate Senna spectabilis, the exotic invasive plant that is posing a severe threat to...

    31 Jan 2023 Conservation

  • Forest and Tree Cover in India

    For Prelims: Tree Cover, Forest Cover, National Mission for a Green India (GIM), National Action Plan on Climate Change, India State of Forest...

    28 Jan 2023 Conservation

  • Corals in Thailand Getting Destroyed

    For Prelims: Coral Reefs, Overfishing, Pollution, Zooxanthellae, Ocean acidification, Coral Bleaching, International Coral Reef Initiative,...

    27 Jan 2023 Conservation

  • Indian Star Tortoise

    Why in News? A new study on the Indian Star Tortoise (Geochelone elegans) has found that illegal trade and unscientific translocations are causing...

    21 Jan 2023 Conservation

  • Etalin Hydroelectric Project

    For Prelims: Etalin Hydroelectric Project, Dir and Tangon river, Dibang River, Forest Advisory Committee (FAC), Environment Impact assessment...

    19 Jan 2023 Conservation

  • Eco-Sensitive Zones

    For Prelims: Eco-sensitive Zones, Environmental Protection Act 1986, Wildlife Protection Act 1972, National Wildlife Action Plan (2002-2016),...

    19 Jan 2023 Conservation

  • Spot Bellied Eagle Owl

    Why in News? Recently, Spot Bellied Eagle Owl (Bubo Nipalensis) was spotted for the first time in Seshachalam forest, and for the third time in...

    19 Jan 2023 Conservation

  • National Parks – IV

    National Park - I National Park - II National Park -...

    16 Jan 2023 Conservation

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