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  • Decentralizing Climate Assistance

    This article is based on “The role of MGNREGA in the climate crisis” which was published in The Hindustan Times on 03/04/2021. It talks...

    05 Apr 2021 Conservation

  • NGT Orders Pollution Control Boards to Increase Capacity

    Why in News Recently, the National Green Tribunal (NGT) directed the Haryana State Pollution Control Board (HSPCB) to strengthen its capacity and...

    02 Apr 2021 Conservation

  • African Elephants

    Why in News The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has declared African Forest and Savanna (or bush) elephants as...

    27 Mar 2021 Conservation

  • Road Ahead For India’s Climate Politics

    This article is based on “Proposing a new climate agenda for India” which was published in The Hindustan Times on 23/03/2021. It talks...

    25 Mar 2021 Conservation

  • Sundarbans

    Why in News Promises related to development of Sundarbans are being made by different political parties, ahead of West Bengal assembly...

    25 Mar 2021 Conservation

  • Greater One-Horned Rhino

    Why in News The claims by different political parties over significant reduction in poaching of Greater One-Horned Rhino has become an issue in...

    24 Mar 2021 Conservation

  • Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure

    Why in News Recently, the Prime Minister addressed the opening ceremony of International Conference on Disaster Resilient Infrastructure (ICDRI)...

    23 Mar 2021 Conservation

  • Climate Finance

    Why in News The Finance Minister of India urged the advanced economies to scale up their commitments to climate finance and transfer of technologies...

    23 Mar 2021 Conservation

  • Ranthambore Tiger Sanctuary: Rajasthan

    Why in News Six tigers are missing in Ranthambore Tiger Sanctuary (Rajasthan). Key Points About: Ranthambore Tiger Reserve lies in the eastern part...

    20 Mar 2021 Conservation

  • World Air Quality Report 2020

    Why in News The World Air Quality Report, prepared by Swiss organisation IQAir, mentions that 22 of the top 30 most polluted cities globally are in...

    18 Mar 2021 Conservation

  • Pilibhit Tiger Reserve: Uttar Pradesh

    Why in News A carcass of a five-year-old tigress was found in the Pilibhit Tiger Reserve (Uttar Pradesh). Key Points About: It is located in...

    18 Mar 2021 Conservation

  • Project RE-HAB

    Why in News A pilot project RE-HAB (Reducing Elephant-Human Attacks using Bees) has been launched in Karnataka which entails installing bee boxes...

    16 Mar 2021 Conservation

  • Seabuckthorn Plantation in the Cold Desert

    Why in News The Himachal Pradesh government has decided to start planting seabuckthorn in the cold desert areas of the state. Key Points About...

    15 Mar 2021 Conservation

  • Whale Shark

    Why in News Recently, fishers in Odisha rescued a whale shark. Key Points About: Whale sharks are the largest shark, and indeed largest of...

    08 Mar 2021 Conservation

  • Dumping Inert Waste in Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary

    Why in News The Supreme Court-mandated Ridge Management Board has decided to constitute an expert committee to look into the proposal of dumping...

    06 Mar 2021 Conservation

  • Pench Tiger Reserve: Maharashtra

    Why in News Recently, a female cub of 'man-eater' tigress Avni has been released into the wild in the Pench Tiger Reserve (PTR) of Maharashtra. Key...

    06 Mar 2021 Conservation

  • WWF Conservation Drive on World Wildlife Day

    Why in News Recently, on the occasion of World Wildlife Day (3rd March), the Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF) called on multiple stakeholders,...

    04 Mar 2021 Conservation

  • Similipal Biosphere Reserve: Odisha

    Why in News Recently, a massive fire broke out in the Similipal Biosphere Reserve in Odisha. The core area of the biosphere was untouched by the...

    04 Mar 2021 Conservation

  • Black-Browed Babbler Rediscovered

    Why in News Recently, a Black-Browed Babbler (Malacocincla perspicillata) was rediscovered in southeastern Kalimantan, the part of Borneo that is...

    03 Mar 2021 Conservation

  • Migratory Birds and Chilika Lake

    Why in News Migratory birds in and around Chilika lake and Bhitarkanika National Park have started leaving earlier (in February) than other years,...

    27 Feb 2021 Conservation

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