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  • SC Judgement on Eco Sensitive Zone

    For Prelims: Eco Sensitive Zones, Environmental (Protection) Act, 1986, National Wildlife Action Plan, National Park, Wildlife Sanctuary, Protected...

    04 Jun 2022 Conservation

  • Painted Leopard Gecko

    Why in News? Recently, researchers have identified a new colorful species of leopard geckos named Eublepharis pictus, also known as the Painted...

    03 Jun 2022 Conservation

  • Biomass Electricity

    For Prelims: Renewable Energy, Biomass electricity, Pyrolysis, Gasification For Mains: Renewable energy, Government initiatives for Renewable...

    03 Jun 2022 Conservation

  • Tracking SDG 7

    For Prelims: Energy Progress Report, Energy Efficiency, Clean Fuel, SDGs For Mains: Findings of Energy Progress Report and Recommendations,...

    03 Jun 2022 Conservation

  • Stockholm+50

    For Prelims: Stockholm Declaration, Climate Change, Paris Agreement, Sustainable Development, United Nations, UNEP, UNFCCC, UNCCD, CBD For Mains:...

    02 Jun 2022 Conservation

  • Kosi River Avulsions

    For Prelims: Kosi River System, Avulsions, Climate Change, Brahmaputra River For Mains: Causes & Consequences of River Avulsions and the Way...

    02 Jun 2022 Conservation

  • Towards Green Energy Transition

    This editorial is based on “Distributed RE is the Future of Green Energy Transition” which was published in Hindustan Times on...

    01 Jun 2022 Conservation

  • Cheetah Relocation in India

    Why in News? India will be soon releasing cheetahs from South Africa and Namibia into the wild at Kuno Palpur in Sheopur district of Madhya...

    01 Jun 2022 Conservation

  • Non CO2 Pollutants

    For Prelims: Pollution, Global warming, IPCC, COP26, CO2 and Non-CO2 pollutants, Decarbonation For Mains: Pollution, Global warming, IPCC, COP26,...

    31 May 2022 Conservation

  • Coal Gasification

    For Prelims: Coal Gasification, Syngas, Hydrogen Economy For Mains: Coal Gasification, Hydrogen Economy, Concerns Associated with Coal...

    28 May 2022 Conservation

  • Compliance Deadline for Category-C Coal Plants

    For Prelims: Coal-plant Categories, Flue Gas Desulfurisation, Central Pollution Control Board For Mains: Energy Resources, Conservation,...

    28 May 2022 Conservation

  • Money Spider, Ant-Mimicking Spider Discovered

    Why in News? Money spiders, commonly found in European meadows, have been reported for the first time in the country from the Muthanga range of the...

    27 May 2022 Conservation

  • Achieving ESG Compliance

    This editorial is based on “Taking ESG Reporting to the Next Level” which was published in The Hindu BusinessLine on 25/05/2022. It...

    25 May 2022 Conservation

  • Connecting Nature With Humanity

    This editorial is based on "Pockets of hope, linking nature and humanity" which was published in The Hindu on 20/05/2022. It talks about the...

    23 May 2022 Conservation

  • Maya’s Pit Viper

    Why in News? Recently, a new venomous green snake named Trimeresurus mayaae or Maya’s Pit viper was discovered from Umroi Military station in...

    23 May 2022 Conservation

  • BRICS High Level Meeting on Climate Change

    For Prelims: Climate Change, BRICS, COP 26, UNFCCC, Paris Agreement For Mains: Issues of climate change and various international...

    21 May 2022 Conservation

  • The Inherent Benefits of Carbon Farming

    This editorial is based on "Why carbon is the 'crop' of the future" which was published in The Hindu BusinessLine on 20/05/2022. It talks about why...

    20 May 2022 Conservation

  • National Policy on Biofuels

    For Prelims: Ethanol Blending, Biofuels, Crude oil, 2018 National Policy on Biofuels For Mains: Ethanol Blending and its significance Why in...

    19 May 2022 Conservation

  • Shallow and Deep Ecologism

    Why in News? As India continues to grapple with the unrelenting heat waves, it becomes relevant to unpack two strands of environmental philosophy...

    13 May 2022 Conservation

  • Andaman and Nicobar Islands to Get Gas Plant

    For Prelims: Island Coastal Zone Regulation 2019, Andaman and Nicobar Islands. For Mains: Coastal Zone Regulation. Why in News? The Ministry...

    11 May 2022 Conservation

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