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  • Corbett Tiger Reserve: Uttarakhand

    Why in News? Over 6,000 trees were illegally cut for the proposed Pakhro tiger safari project in Corbett Tiger Reserve (CTR), according to a report...

    03 Oct 2022 Conservation

  • Maheshwar Dam: Narmada River

    Why in News? The Madhya Pradesh government has canceled all contracts with Maheshwar Hydroelectric Project almost three decades after it agreed to...

    01 Oct 2022 Conservation

  • Clarion Call From Sundarban

    This editorial is based on “To protect the Sundarbans, Delhi and Dhaka must unite” which was published in Hindustan Times on...

    01 Oct 2022 Conservation

  • Global Methane Pledge: GMCCA Forum

    For Prelims: Climate and Clean Air Coalition, Global Methane Initiative, Methane, Greenhouse Gases, India Greenhouse Gas Program. For Mains:...

    01 Oct 2022 Conservation

  • New Tiger Reserve in Uttar Pradesh

    Why in News? Recently, Uttar Pradesh (UP) approved the notification of the state’s fourth tiger reserve in the Ranipur Wildlife Sanctuary...

    30 Sep 2022 Conservation

  • Ozone


    29 Sep 2022 Conservation

  • Dibang Hydel Project

    For Prelims: Dibang Hydel Project, Forest Advisory committee For Mains: Growth and development over environment, NGT Why in News? Recently,...

    28 Sep 2022 Conservation

  • Rethinking and Reimagining Tourism

    This editorial is based on “Pitching India as a signature destination” which was published in The Hindu on 27/09/2022. It talks about...

    28 Sep 2022 Conservation


    For Prelims: JALDOOT App, Ground Water Depletion, Initiatives related to Water Depletion. For Mains: JALDOOT App, Issues of Groundwater depletion...

    28 Sep 2022 Conservation

  • Mangroves in India


    27 Sep 2022 Conservation

  • White Fly

    Why in News? Recently, there has been a rise in the number of white fly attacks on cotton in various states like Punjab and Rajasthan. What do we...

    27 Sep 2022 Conservation

  • India at Global Clean Energy Action Forum

    For Prelims: Clean Energy, Biofuels, International Groupings & Forums, Government’s Initiatives For Mains: Advantages of Biofuels,...

    26 Sep 2022 Conservation

  • Reintroduction of Cheetah


    26 Sep 2022 Conservation

  • Swachhta Pakhwara

    Why in News? Recently, the Ministry of Railways has launched “Swachhta Pakhwara” across Indian Railways. The Ministry also released...

    19 Sep 2022 Conservation

  • India Observed 28th World Ozone Day

    For Prelims: World Ozone Day, Montreal Protocol, India Cooling Action Plan (ICAP), Kigali Amendment, Ozone Depletion, Lifestyle for the Environment...

    19 Sep 2022 Conservation

  • Green Fins Hub

    For Prelims: Green Fins Hub, United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP), Coral Reefs, Coastal and Marine Tourism, Sustainable Tourism, Blue...

    17 Sep 2022 Conservation

  • Asiatic Caracal

    Why in News? Caracal, which was used by India’s nobility in the sport of coursing like the cheetah, is struggling to survive, although both...

    17 Sep 2022 Conservation

  • Biodiversity Hotspots in India


    16 Sep 2022 Conservation

  • Sea Turtle Poaching

    Why in News? According to a new study, more than 1.1 million sea turtles have been illegally killed and, in some cases, trafficked from 1990 to...

    14 Sep 2022 Conservation

  • Biosphere Reserves in India


    13 Sep 2022 Conservation

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