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  • Q. ‘People must not be turned back to countries where they would face persecution or severe human rights violations.’ Discuss the statement in terms of ethics of refugees. (150 Words)

    12 Aug, 2021 GS Paper 4 Theoretical Questions


    • Start with writing in very brief about the refugee crisis in the recent years.
    • Discuss the ethics of refugees and how they should be treated.
    • Conclude suitably.


    World is witnessing the largest and most rapid escalation ever in the number of people being forced from their homes. Millions of people are fleeing conflict in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Ukraine, as well as persecution in areas of Southeast Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa, creating the highest level of displacement since World War II.

    Their settlement in the destination country causes a feeling of hatred among the locals and political leaders are driven by the sentiments of local people and deny refugees the basic human rights.


    Significance of Refugee Ethics

    • Refugee ethics offers insights into how nations and other entities treat other refugees and migrants from other countries.
    • Human Rights: Refugee ethics ensure that the migrants and refugees get the basic human rights. No boundary or political system of the world can take away those rights.
      • Showing Compassion and having empathy for the refugees is what political leaders as well as the local population need.
    • No Discrimination: The refugee ethics promote no discriminaiton of the poor refugees in the alien country. They should be treated with dignity.
    • Collective Solution: It promotes cooperation and discussion among affected countries to reach out to a solution. It needs strong leadership and dedication to achieve public good.
    • Increase Tolerance: Refugee ethics promotes tolerance and Compassion towards the weaker-sections in the country of origin of migrants.

    The measures need to be taken

    • Provision of Basic Human Needs: There is a need to ensure a safe haven for all refugees and also ensure that they have access to basic needs i.e. food, clothing, shelter and also medical aid.
    • Collective Action: Continued financial support to refugees and countries from the multinational organisation in resettlement and rehabilitation of the refugees.
    • Peacefully explore the permanent safe havens in other yet developing/Island nations with financial support from the organisation.


    Humanity teaches us to rise above petty self and national character and promote the idea of Vasudhaiva Kutumbkam- ‘the world is one family’.

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