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  • Q. Discuss the role of the family in the development of the value system in an individual.

    14 Jun, 2021 GS Paper 4 Theoretical Questions


    • Start the answer by briefly mentioning the magnitude of pendency of cases in India.
    • Discuss the major reasons for pendency of cases and steps to rectify them.
    • Conclude Suitably.


    Family is the first social institution to which an individual interacts and learns the moral values through the process of socialisation. The value system practised in the family becomes automatic to the young family members.


    Role of Family in Building Value System

    • Environment of Family: The family shapes the child’s attitude towards people and society, and helps in mental growth in the child and supports his ambitions and values.
      • For example, a blissful and cheerful atmosphere in the family will develop love, affection, tolerance, and generosity.
    • Learning By Modelling: A child learns his behaviour by modelling what he sees around him and thus family plays a major role in helping a child socialize.
    • Traditions & Customs: Ideas passed down from generation to generation make up family values.
      • Customs And Traditions followed and taught by the family leads a disciplined and organized life.
    • Preparing Base for Next Generation: It teaches the individual how to behave and project himself to the next younger generation and the emotional support adds the importance of family values.
    • Elementary Introduction to Ethics: A child has a strong sense of what is right and wrong and are less likely to become victims of deviant influences.


    Family helps in instilling the moral values like truthfulness, happiness, peace, justice in children’s thoughts, feelings and actions and they function as ideals and standards that govern their actions in their life.

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