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  • Q. What are the main components of emotional intelligence (EI)? Can they be learned? Discuss. (UPSC GS-4 Mains 2020)

    04 Feb, 2021 GS Paper 4 Theoretical Questions


    • Define emotional intelligence
    • Discuss the components of emotional intelligence
    • Discuss how emotional intelligence can be learned
    • Conclude suitably.


    Emotional intelligence or EI is the ability to understand and manage your own emotions, and those of the people around you. People with a high degree of emotional intelligence know what they're feeling, what their emotions mean, and how these emotions can affect other people.


    Components of EI

    • Daniel Goleman has also identified four major characteristics of Emotional intelligence. It is popular as Goleman’s model of Emotional intelligence.

    • These four components of EI indicate that a person should have these characteristics which are associated with Ethical conduct. These characteristics can be linked to many other activities such as:
      • Effective administrative leadership
      • Good work culture
      • Professionalism
      • Self-motivation

    Ways to Learn EI

    • The most important way is socialization, i.e at the early stage of life whereby family, the school have a critical role in the process of socialization. Since, this early stage is not formal, the role of government and organization becomes important in later phases of life of an individual.
    • Therefore, formal organizations can promote EI in the following way:-
      • Incorporating the role of EI in human resource management.
      • Aptitude test
      • Formal training
      • Democratic work culture
      • Adequate opportunity for realizing human potential.
      • Effective leadership.
      • Government Should also try to influence socialization at an early stage through social influence, persuasion, and influencing educational institutions and teaching culture.
      • Brainstorming
      • Role modeling


    The importance of emotional intelligence can be corroborated by a popular notion that IQ can help you to be successful to the extent of 20 percent only in life. The rest of 80 percent success depends on your EQ (emotional quotient or emotional intelligence).

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