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  • Q. Skill development programmes have succeeded in increasing human resources supply to various sectors. In the context of the statement analyse the linkages between education, skill and employment. (Answer in 250 words, UPSC Mains 2023)

    26 Dec, 2023 GS Paper 2 Social Justice


    • Begin by defining the significance of education, skill and employment.
    • Discuss the interllinkage between education, skill and employment.
    • Conclude by highlighting that skill development programmes have succeeded in increasing human resources.


    Education, skill and employment are three very closely linked activities that are crucial for an individual and imperative for nation building.


    Linkages between education, skill and employment

    • Education acts as a beginning step for the basis of a civil life. It is crucial for adequate development of an individual and gives a citizen the basis to gain rightful employment.
      • Basic and higher education plays respective roles in equipping individual with a knowledge base, upon which they can gain specialised knowledge for a profession.
    • Skill development is the activity of garnering necessary vocational or technical skills that have direct applicability in an industry thereby leading to successful employment. For example, certification of C++ can offer better chances of employability.
      • Soft skills are a subset of skills that have garnered interest in the past decades and are essential today for modern job market.
      • Skill development can also lead one not only to employment but also entrepreneurship that enables one to create jobs eventually.
    • Employment is the eventual goal of education and skill development. Employment is necessary for the growth of a nation. Employment is a necessary indicator of the health of an economy. Better employment shows higher prospects of growth for the nation.
      • Both education and skill development train an individual adequately to help them get employed.
      • Companies today follow a pattern of upskilling a hired person to make them better at their job.


    Various skill development programmes such as Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana and National Skill Development Mission have helped the industry receive skilled workers; in other words, they have succeeded in increasing human resources supply to various sectors.

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