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  • Q. Indian diaspora has scaled new heights in the West. Describe its economic and political benefits for India. (Answer in 150 words, UPSC Mains 2023)

    28 Nov, 2023 GS Paper 2 International Relations


    • Begin by briefly introducing the concept of the Indian diaspora and its significant achievements in the West.
    • DIscuss Instances of the diaspora's success and its political and economic benefits.
    • Conclude by discussing the significance of India Diaspora.


    India is the recipient of highest number of remittances, receiving USD 108 billion in the year 2023. But apart from the financial returns, the galloping success of over 18 million people of Indian origin across the world provides various advantages to their homeland.


    Instances of the diaspora's success

    • Presence of ‘Indian origin’ heads of top companies around the world. For example, Sundar Pichai (Google), Shantanu Narayen (Adobe).
    • Indian origin heads of state, and people in ministerial positions. For example, Rishi Sunak (UK), Kamala Harris (USA).

    Political and economic benefits

    • The remittances sent by the diaspora have a significant effect on the balance of payment, by helping offset trade deficit.
    • The diaspora helps enhance a soft corner in favour of India at international forums and multilateral institutions such as United Nations.
    • Increased demand for ‘Indian goods’ due to an exposure to Indian culture is seen across countries with substantial Indian populations.
      • e.g., Indian restaurants and yoga studios across UK and other western countries.
    • Less disguised unemployment due to migration of low-skilled workers, especially to West Asian countries.
      • e.g., workers from Kerela and Tamil Nadu working in UAE.


    India enjoys a great advantage due to its extensive spread of a diaspora of 32 million, throughout the world. While brain drain remains a problem for a developing country such as India, we must remember that this in return gets us social, political and economic benefits.

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