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  • Q. Do you think marriage as a sacrament is loosing its value in Modern India? (Answer in 150 words, UPSC Mains 2023)

    27 Nov, 2023 GS Paper 1 Indian Society


    • Begin the answer by briefly describing the term ‘marriage’.
    • Provide arguments for diminishing value of marriage and arguments supporting marriage's value.
    • Conclude by highlighting the significance of marriage.


    Marriage, a legally and socially recognized partnership aiming to form families and follow social norms, is deeply rooted in Indian culture and religion. However, in modern India, its value as a sacrament is evolving.


    Arguments for Diminishing Value:

    • Changing Norms: Society now accepts diverse relationships, reducing the emphasis on traditional marriage. Recent data shows an increase in the 'never married' youth population to 26.1% in 2019.
    • Individual Autonomy: Personal freedom leads to autonomous choices in partnerships, challenging arranged marriages through Live-in relationships and fostering single lifestyles.
    • Rising Divorce: Escalating divorce rates suggest a decline in the sanctity and permanence of marriage.
    • Economic Independence: Call for women empowerment extends choices beyond traditional marriage, challenging patriarchy and reducing sanctity of marriage .

    Arguments Supporting Marriage's Value:

    • Social Stability: Marriage continues to be a cornerstone for social stability by providing a structured framework for family life.
    • Legal Protections: It offers crucial legal rights in inheritance, property, and medical decisions.
    • Religious Significance: Many view marriage as sacred, tied to their religion, instilling moral values.
    • Psychological Security: Marriage reduces isolation, offering psychological security, vital for addressing mental health challenges.


    In sum, while marriage adapts to modern needs, it remains significant in contemporary India, serving evolving societal aspirations.

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