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  • Q. e-governance, as a critical tool of governance, has ushered in effectiveness, transparency and accountability in governments. What inadequacies hamper the enhancement of these features? (Answer in 150 words, UPSC Mains 2023)

    21 Nov, 2023 GS Paper 2 Polity & Governance


    • Begin by defining e-Governance.
    • Discuss benefits of e-governance and Inadequacies in e-governance.
    • Conclude with a positive note highlighting the need to reform e-govenrnance.


    e-Governance is marked by an extensive use of information and communication technology, that aims towards smart governance with enhanced transparency, accountability and quicker response times.


    Benefits of e-governance

    • Effectiveness: Reduction in cost of operation and a wider reach due to ease of accessibility increases effectiveness of governance.
    • Transparency: Today most government application and processes are traceable online with less scope for corrupt practices.
    • Accountability: Tracking of files and ongoing projects in real time has increased accountability of the officials.

    Inadequacies in e-governance

    • Lacklustre Coverage: Improper coverage in rural and farfetched areas leads to seclusion of various groups of the society.
    • Downtime: Technical issues like poor internet connectivity, power cuts, server failure etc. often led to downtime impacting the effectiveness of e-governance systems.
    • Privacy: It has always been an issue with the use of internet due to its susceptibility to hacking and trespassing.
    • Cost and Maintenance of Infrastructure: Regular upgradation of hardware and software is required which leads to recurring cost of maintenance.
    • Accessibility: Establishing communication to reach the last person is a crucial aspect of good governance. This is a challenge when the level of digital literacy is poor among the masses.


    While e-governance is a boon to the society, its inadequacies must be kept in mind to make sure of equitable availability across the society.

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