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Mains Practice Questions

  • Q. Discuss the role of the Competition Commission of India in containing the abuse of dominant position by the Multi-National Corporations in India. Refer to the recent decisions. (Answer in 150 words, UPSC Mains 2023)

    21 Nov, 2023 GS Paper 2 Polity & Governance


    • Begin with a brief introduction to the CCI.
    • Discuss the role of CCI.
    • Conclude with a positive note explaining the effectiveness of CCI.


    Established in 2009, the Competition Commission of India (CCI) works to implement the Competition Act and check for anti-competitive agreements or practices that could lead to disruption of a healthy competition in the market.


    Role of CCI

    • Penalize the corporations that engage in unscrupulous activities to avoid or deter competition.
      • For example, penalty on Google by CCI for imposition of discriminatory sales conditions.
    • Ensure fair and healthy competition among market players for steady and inclusive economic growth.
    • Implement policies to carry out effective utilization of resources.
    • Deter monopolistic tendencies of MNCs in resource acquisition and market expansion.
    • Keep check for unscrupulous mergers and acquisition that try to deter competition.


    Adjudicating more than 1200 cases with 89% disposal rate and having overseen more than 900 Mergers and acquisitions, it can be said that Competition Commission of India helps the economy and society in general to maintain steady and healthy price points, while ensuring wider choices to consumers and overall ensuring a healthy growth for the Economy.

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