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  • Q. What do you understand by this quote: "Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching." - C.S. Lewis (150 words)

    28 Sep, 2023 GS Paper 4 Theoretical Questions


    • Begin by introducing the meaning of the quote.
    • Discuss what message this quote conveys
    • You can conclude by summarizing the key points of your interpretation.


    The quote "Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching" by C.S. Lewis encapsulates a fundamental principle of moral character and ethics. At its core, it emphasizes that true integrity is not dependent on external oversight or the fear of consequences, but rather on an individual's inner sense of right and wrong.


    Here's what this quote conveys:

    • Doing the Right Thing: The quote underscores that integrity involves consistently choosing morally upright actions and decisions. It's not about what is convenient, expedient, or popular, but about what is morally and ethically correct.
    • Even When No One Is Watching: It emphasizes that integrity is not about adhering to ethical standards only when there is external scrutiny or when there are potential rewards or punishments. True integrity means maintaining one's principles regardless of whether there are witnesses or accountability.
    • Internal Compass: The quote suggests that integrity is an intrinsic quality. It's a reflection of one's personal values and principles. It's about doing what you believe is right because it aligns with your sense of morality, not because you fear external judgment or punishment.
    • Trustworthiness: When a person consistently acts with integrity, they become trustworthy. Others can rely on them, knowing that their actions are guided by a strong moral compass, regardless of the circumstances.
    • Building Character: This quote encourages individuals to build a strong and principled character. It reminds us that our actions, even when no one is observing, contribute to shaping our character and defining who we are.


    This quote emphasizes the significance of inner moral strength and unwavering commitment to ethical principles. It urges us to uphold integrity not for recognition but because it's the right thing to do. True integrity reveals itself when tested without external supervision, defining virtuous character and ethical behavior.

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