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  • Q. You are the District Collector of a drought-prone area. The government has announced a relief package for the farmers, which includes waiving off their loans and providing them with free seeds and fertilizers. However, you find out that some of the local politicians and officials are misusing the funds and diverting the resources for their personal gain. They are also threatening the farmers who complain or refuse to cooperate with them. As a responsible officer, how will you deal with this situation? Explain the ethical issues involved and the course of action you will take. (250 words)

    14 Jul, 2023 GS Paper 4 Case Studies


    • Introduction: Start your answer with introducing the case
    • Body: Mention ethical issue involved and course of action along with justification.
    • Conclusion: Summarize and conclude your answer.


    The situation described in the case study is a clear example of corruption, nepotism and abuse of power by the local politicians and officials. It is also a violation of the rights and interests of the farmers, who are already suffering from the adverse effects of drought. As the District Collector, I have a duty to ensure that the relief package reaches the intended beneficiaries and that the public funds are utilized properly and transparently.


    The Ethical Issues Involved in this situation are:

    • Honesty and Integrity:
      • As a civil servant, I have to uphold the values of honesty and integrity in my work, expose and prevent any malpractices or irregularities in the implementation of the relief package and resist any pressure or temptation to compromise with the corrupt elements or to overlook their wrongdoings.
    • Accountability and Transparency:
      • As a public servant, I have to be accountable and transparent to the people and the government, to ensure that the relief package is distributed fairly and equitably among the eligible farmers and maintain proper records and documentation of the funds and resources allocated and utilized and report any deviations or discrepancies to the higher authorities and take corrective measures.
    • Empathy and Compassion:
      • As individuals, it is essential to empathize and sympathize with the challenges faced by farmers, who are experiencing hardship and distress as a result of drought. One must demonstrate compassion and sensitivity towards their needs and concerns, actively listen to their problems, and ensure they receive timely and sufficient assistance and support.
    • Justice and Fairness:
      • As a leader, I have to ensure that justice and fairness are done to all the stakeholders involved in this situation, protect the rights and interests of the farmers from any exploitation or discrimination by the local politicians and officials and also take strict action against those who are involved in corruption or misappropriation of funds or resources.

    The course of action I will take in this situation are:

    • Conduct an Inquiry:
      • I will conduct an inquiry into the allegations of corruption and mismanagement in the implementation of the relief package and will collect evidence and testimonies from various sources, such as farmers, officials, NGOs, media, etc.
      • I will verify the facts and figures related to the funds and resources allocated and utilized. I will identify the culprits and quantify their extent of involvement.
    • Take Action:
      • Based on the findings of the inquiry, I will take appropriate action against those who are found guilty of corruption or misappropriation of funds or resources.
      • I will initiate disciplinary or legal proceedings against them as per the rules and regulations.
      • I will also recover the money or assets that they have siphoned off from the public exchequer.
    • Redress Grievances:
      • I will redress the grievances of the farmers who have been cheated or deprived of their rightful share of the relief package.
      • I will ensure that they receive their due benefits as soon as possible and will also provide them with alternative sources of income or livelihood, such as employment generation schemes, skill development programs, etc.
    • Improve Governance:
      • I will improve the governance and administration of the relief package by introducing reforms and innovations.
      • I will adopt measures such as online registration, verification, monitoring, auditing, etc., to ensure efficiency, effectiveness, transparency and accountability.
      • I will also involve civil society organizations, media, etc., to create awareness, participation and feedback among the farmers.


    The case study presents a challenging situation for me as a District Collector. However, by applying ethical principles and values, I can overcome this challenge successfully. By doing so, I can not only fulfill my professional obligations but also serve my personal convictions.

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