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  • Q. Define Work Culture. Discuss its importance in the success of any organisation. (150 words)

    30 Jul, 2020 GS Paper 4 Theoretical Questions


    • In the introduction define what do you understand by ‘Work Culture’.
    • Explain briefly the traits of a good work culture.
    • Discuss how a good work culture leads to efficient working of the organisation.
    • In conclusion, write how a good work culture can be maintained in an organisation.


    • Work culture is regarded as a set of practices, values and shared beliefs within an organisation and its employees that arise from what is generally regarded as appropriate ways to think and act.
    • It is the work culture that decides the way employees interact with each other and how an organisation functions. The work culture is a product of its history, traditions, values and vision.


    Characteristics of a good work culture

    • Desirable work culture includes shared institutional values, priorities, rewards and other practices which foster inclusion, high performance, and commitment, while still allowing diversity in thought and action.
      • A perfect example of a good workplace culture is ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation).
      • It was founded in the 1960s and has since then contributed immensely in the development of the nation.
      • Despite India being a third world country, ISRO has against all odds launched various space programs, the most recent being Chandayan 2.
      • It can not be denied that one of the most important factors of ISRO’s success is healthy work culture.
    • Importance of work culture in the success of an organisation
      • Transparency, innovation and discipline: Healthy work culture promotes transparency, innovation and discipline in an organisation.
      • Reduced Conflicts: Good work culture promotes effective communication and helps in reducing conflicts among individuals/team during work.
      • Increases Productivity and Quality: Transparency, responsibility, unbiased are underpinnings of good work culture. These will enable individuals and teams to become self-organized which in turn improves quality and productivity.
      • Sustainable Work: Good work culture includes peer respect, recognition of hard work, and freedom to bring new ideas (innovation). These will help in long term prospects of the organization.
      • Effective Communication: Healthy work culture provides a platform for effective communication among the verticals and horizontals of the organisation which helps in getting work done effectively.
    • A healthy work culture is maintained through attraction-selection-attrition, new employee onboarding, leadership, and organizational reward systems.


    • Often healthy work culture is associated with private organisations and government organisations are known for the lack of it due to frequent mismanagement, corruption, bureaucratic red tape etc.
    • However, efforts like RTI, e-governance, strict laws etc are improving the situation.
    • These efforts will certainly help in bringing out the best in government employees as well.

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