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Mains Practice Questions

  • Q. Deteriorating ecological ethics is one of the principal reasons for deforestation and land degradation. Discuss. (250 words)

    23 Jan, 2020 GS Paper 4 Theoretical Questions


    • Briefly explain what ecological ethics is.
    • Highlight how such change in morals has led to deforestation and land degradation.
    • Also highlight that apart from deteriorating ecological ethics, there are other reasons as well.
    • In conclusion give some steps and solutions as way forward.


    Ecological Ethics are moral principles that guide human attitude towards the environment, rules of conduct for environment care and preservation. Deteriorating ecological ethics is being reflected in changing man-nature relationship due to technological advancements, especially after the Industrial Revolution which resulted in wide scale deforestation and land degradation.

    Main Body

    • Consumption led Growth model: This is leading to overuse and exploitation of natural resources through their intensive use and crossing carrying capacity of nature, for example deforestation in Amazon due ranching, plantations etc. to cater to rising urban population.
    • Economic developmental pressure leading to overshadowing ecological concerns: Immediate socio-politico-economic demands like Food Security, Irrigation needs, land for infrastructure results in neglect of long term negative environmental impacts, example rise in soil alkalinity in Green Revolution belt due to overuse water, chemical inputs.
    • Rules, Laws etc. meant for preservation are either not implemented strictly, or are made half-heartedly: This leads to complacent attitude among people leading to indifference, and at times giving nod for ecological damaging projects if they benefit from it, for example recent demolition of illegal residential complex in Kerala which violated CRZ Regulations.

    Such change in man-nature relationship, where man tries to conquer nature by technological means, resulting in deforestation and land degradation is fostered by challenges like increasing global population, limited carrying capacity of Earth, presence of inequalities, etc.

    Way Forward

    Thus, there is need for a balanced developmental model like that of Sustainable development as highlighted in SDG-2030 goals. This also entails role of ethics, where duty, responsibility-based decisions are taken at an individual level as well as societal level, example including tribals in forest and wildlife conservation.

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