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  • Q. Discuss the role of ‘moral conscience’ in promoting ethical behavior. (150 words) 

    15 Dec, 2022 GS Paper 4 Theoretical Questions


    • Start your answer by briefly describing moral conscience.
    • Discuss the importance moral conscience have on ethical behavior.
    • Conclude accordingly.


    • The moral conscience is a person's judgment about a given action's ordering to man's ultimate end based on the person's knowledge of the action, its end, and circumstances. Each person draws from various sources for this knowledge, such as common sense, basic science, history, law, experience, and religion.


    • Significance of Moral Conscience in Promoting Ethical Behaviour:
      • Helps in Decision Making:
        • Conscience helps us to make wise decisions. As we evolve in life we learn right from wrong. Our conscience is the idea and emotion that we experience which informs us of what is good or wrong, thus our ethical decisions making is consistently guided by conscience.
        • This also helps the public servants as they involved in various capacities as policy makers etc.
      • Helps in Developing Empathy:
        • As deep-down Moral Conscience of the individual show's empathy, which helps the government officer to perform his duty with compassion.
      • Increase Self- Awareness:
        • This is our capacity to recognise moral standards and values. The ability of the human mind to conceptualise the world in moral terms is provided by the moral conscience. This improves our capacity to weigh moral principles and ethical ideals when making practical decisions.
      • Moral Integrity:
        • The subjective character of conscience delimits a sphere of personal morality that is an essential part of our sense of personal identity, understood as our sense of who we are and of what characterizes qualitatively our individuality (for instance, our character, our psychological traits, our past experience, etc.).
      • Enables Right Conduct:
        • Corruption, nepotism, and profit-seeking behaviour can all be reduced with the help of conscience. As a result, they are compelled to act in the general good of society and to uphold the constitution's principles. Public servants remember that they were elected to serve the citizens, not their own needs and greed, when making decisions.
      • Curtails Moral Dilemma:
        • Moral conscience could be helpful in curtailing any moral dilemma like whether to simply follow orders from superiors or to follow the right path of truthfulness described by the conscience. The conscience act as the thread between citizens and politicians, the inherent voice of serving and maintaining the highest standards of integrity.


    The moral conscience is a great guide to dictate human action in general and an officer’s conduct. Therefore, during difficult circumstances, it aids a government servant in navigating as by being morally upright individuals.

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