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  • Q. What duties do government employees have in terms of ethics that are generally accepted? (150 Words)

    24 Nov, 2022 GS Paper 4 Theoretical Questions


    • Start with describing in brief about the need for ethical duties.
    • Discuss the generally accepted ethical duties for the government servants.
    • Conclude suitably.


    Ethical duties are required to anticipate specific threats to ethics standards and integrity in the public sector, attention needs to be paid to systemic threats that could weaken adherence to core public sector ethics values, and commitment to good governance, and to preparing the necessary political and management responses.


    • As per Second Administrative Reforms Commission ethical duties for the government servant are as follows:
      • Transparency: Civil servants and public officials are expected to use powers and resources for public good, under government policy. They should be accountable for the decisions they make and prepared to justify their actions.
      • Integrity: Civil servants and public officials are expected to make decisions and act solely in the public interest, without consideration of their private interests.
        • Public employment being a public trust, the improper use of a public service position for private advantage is regarded as a serious breach of duty.
      • Legitimacy: Civil servants and public officials are required to administer the laws, and to exercise administrative power on behalf of the Government, or the Parliament, or other such authority.
        • So, that power and authority should be exercised legitimately, impartially and without fear or favour, for its proper public purpose as determined by the Parliament or their employer.
      • Fairness: Civil servants and public officials should make decisions and act in a fair and equitable manner, without bias or prejudice, taking into account only the merits of the matter, and respecting the rights of affected citizens.
      • Responsiveness: As agents and employees of the elected Government, Civil servants and public officials are required to serve the legitimate interests and needs of the Government, other civil servants, and all citizens, in a timely manner, with care, respect and courtesy.


    Since public employees hold powerful positions, manage huge sums of public money, and make decisions that have a significant influence on society and the environment, they bear a great deal of ethical duties.

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