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  • Q. Describe Human Values and explain the role of society in the inculcation of values in the members of society. (150 Words)

    29 Sep, 2022 GS Paper 4 Theoretical Questions


    • Start your answer by giving a brief about Human Values.
    • Discuss the role of society in the inculcation of values.
    • Conclude suitably.


    These are values which are essential for people to behave like humans. Since a person is born as human different from animals therefore, society has evolved some values due to human interface, and interaction with other fellow humans.

    They are values which guide the behaviour of two or more humans. Compassion, empathy, and solidarity are some examples of human values.

    Main Body

    • Religion and culture are somewhat intertwined, and the inculcation of values through societal channels is most influenced by their codes. Hindu teachings, for instance, strongly influence Indian values such as tolerance and reciprocity.
    • Tradition and customs are fundamental components of any society structures. Some of the basic principles of tradition and custom include allegiance (Raksha-Bandhan), belonging (Holi), and so on.
    • Depending on the type of political state, which can be either democratic or authoritarian, the population are taught the appropriate values. However, occasionally our values regarding the current system can be influenced by the politics of other states.
    • Values held by society's participants are also influenced by its economic structure. The socialist economy, for instance, encourages the virtue of equity, whereas the market economy instils the qualities of inventiveness and competition.
    • The importance of mass media has increased in the digital age. E.g. The recent issue over social media corporations disclosing user information to private organisations for the purpose of analysing voter behaviour for political gain (Cambridge Analytica case). It has a role to develop community values or promote hatred toward the people of other communities.
    • Civil society influences people's values by organising people around a common cause and employing media, protests, etc. to further that cause. The MKSS campaign, which resulted in the RTI Act, 2005 in India, for instance, promoted openness and transparency in government.
    • Through demonstration or persuasion, leaders can change the attitudes of their followers. Celebrities, for instance, have an impact on how others dress, eat, behave, etc.

    Thus, society helps a long way in the inculcation of different human values like compassion, sympathy, cooperation, etc.

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