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  • Q. Discuss the various socio-economic impact of globalisation on youth in India. (150 words)

    09 May, 2022 GS Paper 1 Indian Society


    • Briefly explain globalization.
    • Discuss the various socio-economic impacts of globalization on Indian youth
    • Conclude by giving some measures to reduce the negative impact of globalization


    Globalization is a process of interaction, integration and interdependence among the people, companies, and governments of different nations. It has political, economic and cultural manifestations. It also has both positive and negative consequences for the people.


    The impact of globalization is far reaching. Youth are the foremost to be affected by globalization given their fragile transitional position in a rapidly changing and uncertain global context. Thus, globalization not only provides economic opportunities among the youth but also comes with social costs.

    • With information and communication technology, youth in India now have access to a vast resource pool. As a result they have begun to develop a global psychology.
    • It has also created more employment opportunities as a result of its open market concept.
    • Globalization provides encouragement and freedom among the youth to seek for excellence and become more competitive.
    • It has led to urban poverty due to increasing migration from rural India. It also creates structural inequalities in society. These result in division across caste, class, gender, religion and residence also increase vulnerability, instability and insecurity among young people.
    • It led to blind adoption of western values and culture and incorporating it into their Indian identity. English has begun dominating Indian languages among the youth not only for official purposes but also in everyday parlance.
    • Globalization has also influenced the institutions of marriage and family. Youths are not close to their elders resulting in the weakening of social relationships.
    • The rise of socio-economic uncertainty due to globalization has led to an increase in the incidence of depression and suicides among the youth.
    • Globalization has also impacted the religious belief among the youth. Thus, most of the religious activities are becoming irrelevant to them.
    • The culture of consumerism has permeated and changed the traditional beliefs of the Indians. As a result, the younger population, especially the urban youth are in favour of new fashions from the West.


    To reduce the negative impact of globalization on youth, they must be empowered to achieve their full potential in education, skill development and employment, entrepreneurship, health and healthy lifestyle etc. The National Youth Policy-2014 (NYP-2014) gave emphasis on promotion of social values, community engagement, participation in politics and governance, youth engagement, inclusion and social justice.

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