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  • Q. Ethics of society at large is reflected in any organization’s work culture. Discuss. (150 Words)

    24 Sep, 2021 GS Paper 4 Theoretical Questions


    • Write about what you mean by the Work culture of an organisation.
    • Explain how ethics of society affect the work culture of any organisation.
    • Also explain how work culture affects the ethics of society at large.with examples of how it impacts societal ethics.


    • Work culture is regarded as a set of practices, values and shared beliefs within an organization. It has a significant role in the way an organization functions. It is a way of life at the workplace, the way culture is a way of life of society.
    • Ethics form an essential part of the foundation on which a civilized society is built. Ethics of society is shaped not only by individual factors like values, attitudes of people but also by other situational factors like cultural norms, industry and organizational norms.


    Ethics of society promote following values in the work culture of the organisation-

    • Quality of Human Resources: Private organizations (MNCs) promote efficiency, workmanship, professionalism and a spirit of innovation among the employees which are critical for the growth of any sector.
      • Similarly, the public sector in India is known for its service motive and social ethos which helps in creating a socially just society.
      • Competition within a hierarchical framework of any organization helps in nurturing leadership through rewards, punishments and incentives.
    • Foundational Values of Organization: Organizations with elite orientation or aristocratic mindset and complacency or ‘chalta hai attitude’ inculcate a similar attitude among the employees which is reflected in their behaviour outside the organization as well.
      • Many organizations promote sensitivity towards marginalized sections by sensitive training targeted towards women, persons with disabilities, etc.
      • Enforcement of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) norms in private organizations promotes the altruistic and egalitarian society. Moreover, CSR works oriented towards environment and nature conservation helps in promoting climate change sensitivity.
    • Quality and Service Delivery:
      • The attitude and mindset of social and political leaders of society is reflected on the society as a whole.
        • It was the vision of Metro man of India, E Sreedharan which created one of the most successful metro projects ever, which is known for its service delivery and efficient working.
    • Ends and Objectives of Organization: Organizations working purely on a profit basis neglecting the societal impacts of their work tend to create unethical attitudes among people.
      • For eg.: Companies indulged in liquor and tobacco products work purely on profit basis without considering negative externalities.


    Thus, both society and the organization’s work culture have a direct correlation. Both influence the ethical framework of people and are relevant to the social fabric of any society.

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