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Society of Biotechnology of India

  • 21 Dec 2019
  • 2 min read

Why in News

Recently, the Society of Biotechnology of India (SBPI) was launched by former biotechnologists and technocrats of the Union Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science and Technology.

Key Points

  • It is a non-profit organisation.
  • It would promote transformation changes and approaches towards core research in modern biotechnology so that the outcome could lead to more products and technologies for economic and social gain.
  • It would complement India's efforts towards enhancing research funding of “gap areas” in infrastructure, human resources, regulatory frameworks and converting research and development leads into applications.
  • Members of the SBPI have experience in promoting biotechnology in areas such as BT cotton, introduction of recombinant therapeutic proteins and vaccines and fostering international collaborations.

Recombinant Therapeutic Proteins

  • These are produced from recombinant DNA using biomolecular engineering, which involves inserting the gene encoding of a protein into expression systems such as bacteria, yeast or mammalian cells cultures.
  • Recombinant therapeutic proteins have gained importance for clinical applications and they have replaced the original animal-derived version used in medicine.
  • Therapeutic proteins are quite diverse in the application treatments such as human insulin for diabetes, erythropoietin for anemia and chronic renal failure, vaccines for Hepatitis B etc.

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