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  • Hybrid Seeds

    For Prelims: Hybrid Seeds, Open-Pollinated Variety (OPV) Seeds, Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO), Crop Diversity. For Mains: Hybrid Seeds,...

    28 Sep 2023 Biotechnology

  • Recovering RNA From Extinct Tasmanian Tiger

    Source:TH Why in News? In recent years, researchers have successfully retrieved DNA (DeoxyriboNucleic Acid), from ancient animals and plants, with...

    23 Sep 2023 Biotechnology

  • Enhancing Mosquito Control through Genetic Engineering

    For Prelims: Genetically Modified Mosquitoes, Genetic Engineering, Malaria, Dengue, Zika, Yellow fever, Wolbachia, Genome Sequencing, DNA, OX5034...

    14 Sep 2023 Biotechnology

  • Lab Grown Human Embryo Model

    For Prelims: Human Embryo, In Vitro fertilization, Stem Cells For Mains: Ethical considerations surrounding embryo research, Importance of...

    13 Sep 2023 Biotechnology

  • Synthetic Human Embryos: A Breakthrough or A Dilemma

    This editorial is based on the Article “Without sperm or egg, how scientists grew whole model of human embryo” which was published in...

    12 Sep 2023 Biotechnology

  • The Bottleneck in Human Evolution

    For Prelims: Fast infinitesimal time coalescent process (FitCoal), Genomic Sequencing For Mains:  Genome Sequence and its Significance,...

    08 Sep 2023 Biotechnology

  • Minimal-Genome Cells Evolve as Fast as Normal Cells

    Source: TH Why in News? Researchers from Indiana University, Bloomington, shed light on the evolutionary potential of cells with minimal genes...

    05 Sep 2023 Biotechnology

  • Long Read Sequencing and Y Chromosome

    For Prelims: Long Read Sequencing, X and Y Chromosomes, DNA For Mains: Significance of Long Read Sequencing Source: TH Why in News?  The...

    30 Aug 2023 Biotechnology

  • Somatic Genetic Variants

    For Prelims: Genome sequencing, Cancer, Somatic Genetic Variants, Germline cells, DNA replication. For Mains: Harnessing Somatic Genetic Variants...

    29 Aug 2023 Biotechnology

  • Scientific Authenticity of Nano Liquid Urea

    For Prelims: Scientific Authenticity of Nano Liquid Urea, Indian Farmers and Fertiliser Cooperative (IFFCO), Climate Change, Ocean Acidification,...

    26 Aug 2023 Biotechnology

  • Gene Editing in Mustard Breeding

    For Prelims: Gene editing, Mustard in India, CRISPR/Cas9, Glucosinolates, Genetic Engineering Appraisal Committee, DNA, Genetically modified (GM)...

    23 Aug 2023 Biotechnology

  • Metagenomics

    Source: TH Why in News? Recently, scientists from the Nigerian Centre for Disease Control conducted a study utilizing metagenomic sequencing for...

    16 Aug 2023 Biotechnology

  • Genetic Diversity in the Indian Population

    For Prelims: Genetic Diversity in the Indian Population, DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid), Endogamous practices, Whole-Genome Sequencing. For Mains:...

    08 Aug 2023 Biotechnology

  • Whole-Genome Sequencing in Newborns

    For Prelims: Whole Genome Sequencing, DNA, Gene, Genome. For Mains: Whole Genome Sequence and its Significance Why in News? Recently, the use...

    08 Jul 2023 Biotechnology

  • Lab-Grown Meat

    For Prelims: Lab-Grown Meat, Cell-cultivated chicken For Mains: Potential of lab-grown meat in addressing food security, Animal welfare...

    27 Jun 2023 Biotechnology

  • Evolution of Eukaryotes from Prokaryotes

    Why in News? Recently, there has been considerable interest in understanding the evolution of eukaryotes from prokaryotes, shedding light on the...

    27 Jun 2023 Biotechnology

  • Transgenic Crops

    For Prelims: Transgenic Crops, GEAC, Genetically Modified Crops, Environment (Protection) Act, 1986, Bt Cotton. For Mains: Transgenic...

    16 Jun 2023 Biotechnology

  • First Indigenously Developed Animal-Derived Biomedical Device

    Why in News? Recently, Indian Drugs Controller approved the first indigenously developed animal-derived Class D Biomedical Device, Cholederm, that...

    15 Jun 2023 Biotechnology

  • Neurotechnology and Ethics

    For Prelims: United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, Neurotechnology, Deep Brain Stimulation, Sustainable development,...

    13 Jun 2023 Biotechnology

  • The World’s Worst Animal Disease Killing Frogs Worldwide

    For Prelims: Panzootic, Chytridiomycosis or chytrid, Transboundary and Emerging Diseases, quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR), CSIRO,...

    31 May 2023 Biotechnology

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