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Ganga Connect Exhibition: UK

  • 29 Nov 2021
  • 6 min read

Why in News

Recently, the Ganga Connect exhibition concluded in London on 25th November 2021.

  • It was inaugurated in Glasgow, Scotland after the successful culmination of COP-26 (Conference of parties) on 12th November 2021.
  • 10 key strategic initiatives were announced during the exhibition

Key Points

  • About:
    • It is a global exhibition that will showcase multiple facets of the river basin and connect with interested parties.
    • It has been a major effort of the National Mission for Clean Ganga, the High Commission of India and C-Ganga (Centre for Ganga River Basin Management and Studies) to engage with the international community of scientists, technology companies, policy makers, industry, investors and finance professionals.
  • Objective:
    • To showcase the level of development in the Ganga River basin to a global community of environmental stakeholders..
  • Significance:
    • Creating Awareness:
      • It is significant from the point of view of preserving and protecting Ganga and its ecosystem and creating widespread awareness about the river basin.
      • It demonstrates the deep spiritual and philosophical connect that Indians have with the river.
    • Understanding Ecosystem:
      • The Ganga Connect exhibition offers a clear and deep understanding of the size, magnitude and complexity of the Ganga riverine ecosystem.
    • Enables Engagement:
      • It enables engagement with interested parties and the diaspora who want to get involved in the rejuvenation, restoration and conservation of the river system.
    • Development of Environmental Solution:
      • It emphasizes on river Ganga as a major lab for global technology and the scientific community to develop cutting-edge environmental solutions.
Key Initiatives Announced
Ganga Connect UK Community Engagement Chapters
  • The chapters established are: ScotlandGanga Connect, Wales –Ganga Connect, Midlands – Ganga Connect, London – Ganga Connect.
  • Each chapter will have conveners who will connect various interest groups with the NamamiGangeprogramme including scientists, technology companies, investors and community members.
Twinning of Rivers
  • It has been announced to share knowledge, best practices and experiences of river basin management including community engagement programmes.
Scotland – India Water Partnership
  • This partnership builds upon the MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) of National Mission for Clean Ganga and Government of Scotland MOU of 2017.
  • It will channel the high level of interest amongst Scottish entities specialising in water into entering the Indian market and the Namami Gange programme will act as a major platform for Scottish entities to enter the Indian market.
Impact Project using Arth Ganga Framework
  • It will be developed on the model of rejuvenation and economic development of the River Clyde in Glasgow. It will include many aspects such as sustainable tourism, river front development, sustainable transport and other activities.
  • It will create significant livelihood opportunities and bring new economic activities but in a manner that creates a model approach of environmentally sustainable development.
Ganga Finance and Investments Forum
  • A number of investors and finance companies have come together to establish the Ganga Finance and Investments Forum (GFIF) to develop state of the art financial instruments such as river bonds, blue bonds, impact and outcome bonds, credit enhancement and guarantee instruments.
  • It will also provide ongoing support to NMCG and the Namami Gange programme for continuous funding and project finance for various initiatives.
Environment Technology Verification (ETV) programme
  • Three innovative technologies are selected and on-boarded onto the ETV programme:
  • This takes the total number of companies in the ETV programme to over 40 of which 14 are from the UK.
Tech & Innovation Financing
  • To support the successful candidates a partnership with OPG Power Ventures, a company listed on the AIM (Alternative Investment Fund) segment of the London Stock Exchange, is being established that will create up to a Rs 30 crore facility to fund technologies and innovations.
UK-India Scientific Collaboration
  • A number of scientists and research institutions have agreed to come together to form a knowledge pool for exchange of scientific and technological ideas leading to development of collaborative research.
Collaboration bridge between India and the UK
  • Scientists and academics from various institutions have agreed to establish a collaboration bridge between India and the UK to work meticulously on river rejuvenation and conservation.
Global Youth for Ganga
  • It will engage in interdisciplinary discussions, raising worldwide awareness, and encouraging engagement in the Clean Ganga Mission, bringing together young students, researchers and professionals across the globe.
  • The aim is to make Clean Ganga a reality and also to inspire the rest of the world to take similar initiatives in their states down to the very grassroot level.
Clean Ganga Charity
  • The charity set up process has been expedited and it will be set up soon with a view to start mobilising communities and friends of Ganga in the coming months.

Source: PIB

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