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  • E-flow Monitoring System

    For Prelims: Environmental flows, National Mission for Clean Ganga, Namami Gange programme, Biodiversity Conservation, Biodiversity Conservation,...

    18 Jun 2024 Water Resources

  • Eco-Friendly Solution for Safe Groundwater

    Source: TH Recently, researchers at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) have created an innovative remediation technique that not only eliminates...

    15 Jun 2024 Water Resources

  • Water Management: From Scarcity to Sustainability

    This editorial is based on “Drying up: What Urban India needs to fix its water problem” which was published in The Indian Express on...

    11 Jun 2024 Water Resources

  • Regional Rapid Transit System (RRTS)

    For Prelims:  Regional Rapid Transit System (RRTS), Smart Cities, AMRUT Mission, Swachh Bharat Mission-Urban, HRIDAY, Pradhan Mantri Awas...

    08 Jun 2024 Water Resources

  • Influence of Wind Shear on Hurricanes

    For Prelims: Wind Shear, Hurricane, Jet streams, Temperature Inversion, Doppler Radar, LIDAR, El Nino and La Lina. For Mains: Important...

    25 May 2024 Water Resources

  • World Bank Report on Global Water Crisis

    For Prelims: World Water Forum, Swachh Bharat Mission, Jal Jeevan Mission, Jal Kranti Abhiyan, World Bank, Atal Bhujal Yojana For Mains: Issues of...

    24 May 2024 Water Resources

  • Land Subsidence in Chenab Valley

    For Prelims: Land subsidence, Himalayas, Earthquakes, Landslides, Joshimath, Land Subsidence For Mains: Reasons for Land subsidence, and Measures...

    10 May 2024 Water Resources

  • Expanding Glacial Lakes in the Himalayas

    For Prelims: Glacial Lake Outburst Flood, Indus, Ganga, Brahmaputra River, Indian Himalayan Region, Climate change, National Disaster Management...

    04 May 2024 Water Resources

  • Regenerative Blue Economy

    For Prelims: International Union for Conservation of Nature, Regenerative Blue Economy, Blue Economy, Circular economy, Blue Carbon, Great Blue...

    02 May 2024 Water Resources

  • Massive Floods in Dubai

    For Prelims: Rainfall, Drainage System, Climate Change, Cyclones, Tornados. For Mains: Impacts of Climate Change in India and World, Disaster...

    25 Apr 2024 Water Resources

  • Water Crisis in South India

    For Prelims: Water Crisis in South India, El Niño, Monsoon, NITI Aayog, MGNREGA for water conservation, Jal Kranti Abhiyan. For Mains:...

    06 Apr 2024 Water Resources

  • Integrated River Basin Management

    For Prelims: Indus Waters Treaty, Ganga, Brahmaputra, Yamuna For Mains: Effective river planning, Necessity of multilateral treaties for effective...

    27 Mar 2024 Water Resources

  • Purification Processes of Water

    For Prelims: Purification Processes of Water, Reverse Osmosis (RO), TDS (Total Dissolved Solids), Dead water, WHO (World Health Organization),...

    26 Mar 2024 Water Resources

  • World Water Day, 2024

    This editorial is based on “Water, an instrument to build world peace” which was published in The Hindu on 22/03/2024. The article...

    22 Mar 2024 Water Resources

  • Bengaluru's Water Crisis: A Wake-Up Call for India

    This editorial is based on the article “Bengaluru's worst water crisis leaves country's IT capital high and dry” which was published in...

    08 Mar 2024 Water Resources

  • La Nina Links with Air Quality

    For Prelims: La Nina Links with Air Quality, El Nino and La Nina events, PM2.5, Gangetic plains. For Mains: La Nina Links with Air Quality,...

    22 Feb 2024 Water Resources

  • Blue Economy 2.0

    Source: DTE Why in News? The recent presentation of the Interim Budget included a significant emphasis on advancing Blue Economy 2.0 through the...

    08 Feb 2024 Water Resources

  • Humboldt's Enigma

    Source: TH Why in News? In recent years, Humboldt's enigma has garnered increased attention in the field of ecology as researchers seek to...

    06 Feb 2024 Water Resources

  • National Conference on Promotion of Seaweed Cultivation

    For Prelims: Seaweed, Medical Food of the 21st Century, Kelp forests, Red algae, Blue algae, Major Seaweed Beds in India, Commercialised Seaweed...

    03 Feb 2024 Water Resources

  • Radioactive Discharges from Indian Nuclear Plants

    For Prelims: Minimal Radioactive Discharges from Indian Nuclear Plants, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC), Nuclear Fission, Implications of...

    01 Feb 2024 Water Resources

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