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  • Subansiri Dam

    Despite National Green Tribunal's order of not resuming construction or concretization work at Lower Subansiri Hydroelectric Project (LSHP) till...

    16 Jul 2019 Water Resources

  • The Big Picture – Single Tribunal for River Water Disputes

    India has seen protracted river water sharing disputes in recent years. Depleting groundwater, drying rivers and increasing demand for water have led...

    16 Jul 2019 Water Resources

  • Bangladesh Declares its Rivers Legal Persons

    Bangladesh's High Court has granted the country's rivers the rights and status of "living entities" in a bid to save them from encroachment. The...

    04 Jul 2019 Water Resources

  • El-Nino Threatens Monsoon

    According to the India Meteorological Department, the deficiency in rainfall in June was 33%. With the El-Nino phenomenon being observed since the...

    03 Jul 2019 Water Resources

  • Jal Shakti Abhiyan

    The Jal Shakti Abhiyan, launched by the Union Jal Shakti Minister has begun from 1st July, 2019. The Jal Shakti Abhiyan is a campaign for water...

    02 Jul 2019 Water Resources

  • Puducherry Water Rich Model

    It is a model for desilting the urban drains and rural canals with the cooperation of the general public with the Puducherry administration. This...

    01 Jul 2019 Water Resources

  • Inter-State River Water Sharing Disputes

    Context The Inter-State River Water Disputes are one of the most contentious issues in the Indian federalism today. The recent cases of the...

    01 Jul 2019 Water Resources

  • Day Zero Situation

    It has been reported that Shimla, Himachal Pradesh and Udupi and Mangaluru in coastal Karnataka are on the verge of becoming Tier 2 cities which...

    29 Jun 2019 Water Resources

  • Trans-Boundary Water Conflicts

    Context With about 4% of the water resources of the world, India should have been a water-adequate nation. However, in 2011 India turned into a...

    28 Jun 2019 Water Resources

  • In Depth – Melting Himalayas

    Ice protects the Earth and oceans by reflecting excess heat back into space. However, human activity, especially since the industrial revolution...

    27 Jun 2019 Water Resources

  • Kaleshwaram Project

    The Kaleshwaram lift irrigation project is aimed to make Telangana drought proof by harnessing the flood waters of the Godavari. The project is an...

    21 Jun 2019 Water Resources

  • India's Water Crisis - Every Drop Counts

    Maharashtra is facing a water emergency of unprecedented proportions. Following years of drought, the rivers’ currents have ebbed, water in...

    18 Jun 2019 Water Resources

  • River Linking Project

    The National Green Tribunal(NGT) has stayed the Godavari-Penna river interlinking projects due to lack of environmental clearance. The NGT has...

    08 Jun 2019 Water Resources

  • Water Conservation: Traditional Approach

    According to experts, traditional knowledge of water conservation is the only sustainable way to counter the dangers of National Water...

    31 May 2019 Water Resources

  • Depleting Groundwater

    Water depletion in Haryana over the years has led to 60 dark zones in the State, which include 21 critical ones in 10 districts. Reasons for...

    27 May 2019 Water Resources


    The technical document "PEGASUS" i.e. Phycomorph European Guidelines for a Sustainable Aquaculture of Seaweeds, highlights the current state of...

    25 May 2019 Water Resources

  • Challenges of River Interlinking

    This editorial is based on the article 'Waterman finds gaping holes in Ken-Betwa promise', that appeared in Times of India on May 3rd, 2019. Why...

    24 May 2019 Water Resources

  • Ken Betwa Interlink Project

    Why in News? Recently, central government has announced 90 : 10 funding pattern for Ken Betwa Interlinking Project where 90% of the total...

    24 May 2019 Water Resources

  • Marathwada Water Crisis

    According to some economists and water academics, the water crisis in the Marathwada region of Maharashtra is the outcome of ‘policy...

    23 May 2019 Water Resources

  • World Heritage Glaciers

    Glaciers are set to disappear completely from almost half of World Heritage Sites if business-as-usual emissions continue, according to the...

    03 May 2019 Water Resources

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