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  • Geospatial Technologies for the Water Sector in India

    Why in News Recently, the Association of Geospatial Industries released a report titled “Potential of Geospatial Technologies for the Water...

    22 Jul 2021 Water Resources

  • Water Pollution by Detergents

    Why in News Water pollution caused by detergents has become a big concern in the global context. The per capita (per person) detergent...

    15 Jul 2021 Water Resources

  • Marine Plastic: Problem, And Solution

    Why in News According to the Central Pollution Control Board’s (CPCB) Annual Report on Implementing the Plastic Waste Management Rules, 2016,...

    07 Jul 2021 Water Resources

  • Andhra Pradesh-Telangana Water Dispute

    Why in News Amid escalating tensions, the Police forces were deployed at various hydel power projects in bordering districts of Andhra Pradesh and...

    03 Jul 2021 Water Resources

  • Changing Monsoon & Agriculture

    This article is based on “Make a drop count: Southwest monsoon patterns are changing” which was published in The Times of India on...

    01 Jul 2021 Water Resources

  • Baihetan Dam: World’s Second Biggest Hydropower Dam

    Why in News Recently, China has put into operation the Baihetan Dam, world’s Second Biggest Hydropower Dam. The Three Gorges Dam is the...

    29 Jun 2021 Water Resources

  • Inland Vessel Bill 2021

    Why in News Recently, the Union Cabinet approved the Inland Vessels Bill, 2021, which will replace the Inland Vessels Act, 1917 after passing in...

    18 Jun 2021 Water Resources

  • Deep Ocean Mission

    Why in News Recently, the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs has approved the proposal of the Ministry of Earth Sciences (MoES) on the Deep Ocean...

    17 Jun 2021 Water Resources

  • Southern Ocean

    Why in News Recently, on the occasion of World Ocean Day (8th June), the National Geographic magazine has recognised the ‘Southern...

    15 Jun 2021 Water Resources

  • Rescuing Gharials: Mahanadi River

    Why in News Recently, Odisha announced a cash award of Rs. 1,000 to conserve gharials in Mahanadi River Basin. Key Points About...

    11 Jun 2021 Water Resources

  • Srivilliputhur-Megamalai Tiger Reserve and Vaigai River: Tamil Nadu

    Why in News The recently declared Srivilliputhur-Megamalai Tiger Reserve in Tamil Nadu will provide protection to Megamalai, the Vaigai’s...

    07 Jun 2021 Water Resources

  • Black Carbon and Glacier Melting

    Why in News The report titled “Glaciers of the Himalayas: Climate Change, Black Carbon and Regional Resilience” says that the glaciers...

    05 Jun 2021 Water Resources

  • Devika River Project: J&K

    Why in News Recently, the Minister of State for Development of North Eastern Region has asked for suggestions for the Devika River project in...

    04 Jun 2021 Water Resources

  • Mekedatu Project: River Cauvery

    Why in News Recently, the Karnataka government has decided to challenge before the National Green Tribunal (NGT) its decision to appoint a joint...

    28 May 2021 Water Resources

  • Groundwater Depletion and Cropping Intensity

    Why in News In a recent study, it has been found that groundwater depletion in India could reduce winter cropped acreage significantly in years...

    26 Apr 2021 Water Resources

  • Godavari River

    Why in News The Godavari water is to be released into the irrigation canals in East and West Godavari districts from the Polavaram irrigation...

    05 Apr 2021 Water Resources

  • New Red Algal Seaweed Species

    Why in News Recently, two new red algal seaweed species have been discovered along India’s coastline. India has a vast coastline of over...

    30 Mar 2021 Water Resources

  • Cape of Good Hope

    Why in News Due to the recent blockage of the Suez Canal, the option of re-routing ships via the Cape of Good Hope was explored. Key...

    30 Mar 2021 Water Resources

  • Suez Canal

    Why in News A large cargo ship named 'Ever Given' got stuck near the southern end of the Suez Canal due to a mishap caused by bad weather. This...

    25 Mar 2021 Water Resources

  • Ken-Betwa Link Project

    Why in News Chief Ministers of Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh signed a memorandum of agreement to implement the Ken Betwa Link Project (KBLP), the...

    23 Mar 2021 Water Resources

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